7 Expert Tips For A Successful Renovation

Undertaking a renovation or extension can be a challeanging exercise. So how can you make sure things go right?

You might call a builder asking for an estimate to renovate your home. However, if the builder has no plans to work from, their estimate will never be very reliable.

Instead, follow these 7 fundamental steps to keep your renovation on track. Thay’re based on over a decade of expert renovation experience, across hundreds of projects just like yours.

How Long Should Your Renovation Take?

Your renovation’s timeframe depends on the type of renovation you’re after. So, here’s an overview of what to expect from five typical renovation options.

5 Expert Renovation Tips To Create Your Zen Space

Pilates, yoga, stretching or bathing. We explore 5 expert tips to create a respite space where you can re-charge and revitalise daily. See 5 Expert Tips To Create Your Zen Space

5 Clever Glass Uses for Your Renovation

Using glass in your renovation. Modern glass technology means you can now enjoy naturally lit spaces without losing thermal energy. See various ways to light up your home without compromising on creature comforts.

Apartment Renovations – Why They’re Different

Apartments provide great living in inner metro locations throughout Melbourne in some truly beautiful buildings. However, renovating your apartment can bring its own challenges.

Let’s look at some of the hurdles for apartment renovations and how to best manage them.

7 ‘Must Ask’ Questions For Your Renovation Project Manager

Choosing the right project manager is often the make or break of your home extension/renovation. See 7 ‘must ask’ questions for them.