7 Questions To Ask An Architect Before You Engage Them

Engaging the right architect or building designer for your renovation can be a hit and miss exercise. Referrals and past projects are important but here are 7 questions you should ask your Melbourne architect/designer before you engage them.

5 top tips for choosing your home’s colours

Even a quick glance at seemingly endless paint colour options can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And that’s when colours for flooring, cabinetry, benchtops and furnishings haven’t even entered the equation! Checout these five top tips to guide you in making colour selections for your home renovation.

3 Ways To Structure Your Renovation Finance

There are a number of different ways to finance your renovations. Choose the right lender or plan, get the paperwork done early and your biggest headache will be choosing your paint colours; rose quartz or navy blue? But remember, if you get your finances wrong, paint colours will be the least of your worries.

5 Renovation Ideas For When The Kids Move Out

It might feel bittersweet, but when the kids fly the coop the perfect opportunity to invest in some upgrades for your home awaits. We’re not necessarily talking a drastic overhaul of your home sweet home, but it’s certainly prime time to restyle and rethink your lifestyle… and inset a few luxuries extras here and there too. You deserve it!

5 Alfresco Design Tips

Keen to add the alfresco zone concept to your home? The alfresco outdoor entertaining area is more popular than ever with homebuyers and renovators because it delivers the best of both worlds – harmoniously merging your indoor living and entertaining comforts with the beauty of being outdoors. Before taking the plunge to create your own alfresco haven, consider these five items to help you best plan your space.

Five Ways to Boost Natural Light in Your Home Renovation

Coveted natural light works is magic in homes creating a brighter, more vibrant look and the illusion of more space. And while your home is bound to have some dark corners, maximising natural light is achievable with these handy expert hints. Consider how these five options could transform your home’s natural light aspect when planning your next home renovation.

House Extension Cost Per Square Metre – 6 Considerations

It might sound efficient to pile your house extension costs into a per square metre calculation, but the reality is a simple home extension cost per square metre equation falls short in several areas. Here’s what to look for.

5 Ways to Manage Your Home Renovation Costs

Stay in control and manage your renovation costs with these five simple tips. Includes online renovation cost calculator.

5 Renovation Stressors & How To Manage Them

Home renovations, when done badly, can be a highly stressful experience. When you’re spending significant amounts of money to renovate your ‘nest’, it can become an emotionally charged experience. So, here are a few tips to ensure your home renovation runs smoothly.

Should You Try to ‘Live In’ Your Renovation?

If you’re unsure about living in your home while it’s being renovated, read on work out the best choice for you and your family.