7 Tips to Create a Light-filled Kitchen

Check out these 7 tips to increase light in your kitchen, making the heart of your home more liveable. These clever ideas deliver sophisticed, well-lit kitchen spaces that ooze style.

The L to Z of Melbourne Home renovations

The L to Z of Melbourne Home Renovations is the second of two articles covering the best ways to ensure your Melbourne home renovation runs smoothly. It looks at the design and home renovation process and how to avoid the main property renovation traps.

The A to K of Melbourne Home Renovations

The A to K of Melbourne Home Renovations covers the best ways to ensure your Melbourne home renovation runs smoothly, delivering a home that you love to live in. It looks at engaging interior designers, choosing finishes and finding the right builder to deliver your home renovation.

How to Avoid Over Capitalising on Your Melbourne Home Renovation

To get the most from your Melbourne home renovation, you want to enhance your property’s value and feel without over-capitalising. This article offers advice and handy tips to get your home renovation off to the best start and ensure you avoid over-capitalising.

Melbourne Home Renovations That Increase Your Property’s Value

Home renovations can be just as much about improving your lifestyle as increasing your property’s value. This article explores the home renovation hotspots that boost your Melbourne home’s value.

Home Kitchen Renovations: Five ways to create a new-look kitchen renovation

To create a wow-factor kitchen renovation, first consider all the elements that come together to make it a standout space. In this article, you’ll discover five renovation ideas to give your kitchen a brand-new look.

Five tips for adding extra storage space to your home renovation

When you’re amid home renovations it’s often the perfect time to turn your storage dilemmas around. Here you’ll discover some practical ways to make storage space a priority in your newly renovated home.

Five ideas to give your home renovation street presence

Making your property look easy on the eye is about updating your facade and creating a front garden to impress. This article outlines five key ways to add to your property’s street appeal during home renovations.

Home Renovations: Five ways to save money on your home renovations

Home renovation savings are usually made through good preparation. Before getting started, check out the five tips in this article to ensure you’ve got the knowledge, advice and background information to create a dream space with your home renovation.

Five ideas for finding home renovation inspiration

Inspired to renovate your Melbourne home but lost for new and stylish ideas? Before you begin home renovations, check out these resources and ideas to help you find on-trend inspiration to bring your home-renovation project to life.