An A to K guide to better Bathroom Designs and Renovations

This A to K of bathroom designs and renovations will help you plan your bathroom renovation. Written by a bathroom designer, it considers bathroom design ideas and features to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

An L-Z guide to better bathroom ideas and renovation designs

An L-Z guide to better bathroom ideas and renovation designs. Everything you need to create the perfect bathroom.

How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take?

How long does a bathroom renovation take? This depends on what’s planned for your renovation, including: the size of your bathroom renovation, the materials you are using (custom-made cabinetry will add time to your project) and the extent of your renovation does flooring need to be replaced, and will tiling be floor-to-ceiling? This article outlines the bathroom renovation process for you and will give a good indicator of just what the timeframe for your project could be.

7 Small Bathroom Ideas to Create Space

Check out these 7 clever small bathroom ideas to create more space in your bathroom. See how to create beautiful bathing zones within confined rooms and spaces.

5 Alfresco Lighting Ideas

To fully embrace your alfresco zone, good lighting is a must-have. And it’s not just to keep you entertaining late into the night either. Clever use of lighting can set your ideal scene – perhaps a tranquil glow for a relaxed lounge setting or throw a spotlight on your dining area? Plus, a well-lit alfresco zone is essential for practical purposes too – think illuminating stairs, pathways and your outdoor kitchen. Discover these top lighting solutions to brighten your alfresco area and help make it a year-round place you’ll want to be.

Dream Kitchen Renovations & Elegant Kitchen Designs

How can you ensure your kitchen design delivers what you need? Kitchen renovations more than any other room in the house need to deliver both form and function. For this reason, engaging a kitchen designer not only saves thousands in the long run but creates a far more “liveable” and modern home.

Kitchen ideas: 10-plus questions to ask before the kitchen renovations start

Before kitchen renovations begin, it’s worth thinking about the good and bad points of your old kitchen. And, of course, what you want your new space to entail. The easiest way to do this and gather all your kitchen ideas is by asking yourself (and any other cooks in the house) a whole lot of questions.

Kitchen ideas: Three hints to remember

As you embark on your kitchen renovation and begin searching for kitchen ideas and inspiration to transform the hub of your home from dull and dreary to bright, modern and new, keep these hints in mind to help you create your best kitchen yet.

How Long Does A Kitchen Renovation Take?

A common question clients often ask is how long a kitchen renovation takes. Like all projects, some can be done quickly, others take a little longer often due to the finishes, materials or work methods required for the kitchen renovation. This article outlines a realistic kitchen renovation timeframe, depending on the choices you make.

10 Things To Consider For Your Kitchen Re-Design

Your new kitchen design can be both beautiful and functional, but most importantly should facilitate the way you live. To do this, kitchen designers explore just how you use your kitchen space to cook, eat, entertain, socialise before creating your ultimate user-centred kitchen layout.