Kitchen ideas: Three hints to remember

As you embark on your kitchen renovation and begin searching for kitchen ideas and inspiration to transform the hub of your home from dull and dreary to bright, modern and new, keep these hints in mind to help you create your best kitchen yet.

Clever Kitchen Ideas

Sourcing as many kitchen ideas as possible is important but even more importantly, which kitchen ideas will make the primary room in your home, truly yours?

What’s your perfect kitchen? What does it look like? What must it do? Who’s going to see it? Where’s its role in your home? Who’s going to cook or entertain in it? What cuisines do you enjoy?

7 Tips to Create a Light-filled Kitchen

Check out these 7 tips to increase light in your kitchen, making the heart of your home more liveable. These clever ideas deliver sophisticed, well-lit kitchen spaces that ooze style.

6 Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Renovation

No such thing as too much storage space? If, like most people, you’re keen for extra ways to up the ante on your kitchen storage space, try factoring these six storage-solution tips into your next kitchen renovation.

5 Clever Ideas To Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Small kitchens don’t have to look and feel cramped. With a little thought and some clever design, these 5 clever ideas make your kitchen look bigger.

5 Popular Kitchen Design Elements

Have a few must-have elements in mind for your kitchen renovation? Almost everybody does. Checkout our 5 most popular style ideas.

5 Ways to Make Your New Kitchen A Social Hub

If your kitchen is already the heart of the home, designing it as a social hub will be a natural evolution. Begin by mapping out the lifestyle elements that would make your kitchen a dream place to be, whether you’re cooking up a storm or keeping company. Then, try these five design ideas to help effortlessly upgrade your kitchen from a functional, practical position to social scene.

5 Things To Know For Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be overwhelming. Too many ideas and options swirling through your mind? Cast them aside and begin here. While there’s no one recipe to kitchen renovation success, these five items are essential ingredients to know before you design your new space.

5 Key Decisions For Your Kitchen Renovation

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, don’t fall into the trap of jumping into the car and driving straight to the kitchen appliances store to be baffled by choice. Instead, work through these 5 key decisions to guide your kitchen renovation and create the culinary hub that facilitates your tastes, lifestyle and food preferences….your life!

White Kitchens: Choosing Your Benchtop Colour

White kitchens deliver visual space, clean lines and light, bright spaces. But what about your benchtop colour? See more…