Modern kitchens: Ideas and tips for choosing all the elements of your contemporary kitchen

Discover these modern kitchen ideas and images to help you choose all the elements that will transform your contemporary kitchen into a practical, stylish space.

Black and white kitchens

Black and white kitchens make the most of this style, and are a sure way to make a statement contemporary kitchen the star attraction of your home. Get some black and white kitchen inspiration. A kitchen in black and white can be accessorised with different colours to change the mood, daily.

Look book: A collection of modern kitchens for your kitchen renovation inspiration board

It’s time to rip out your outdated and impractical kitchen and replace it with a new, shiny, attractive, not to mention modern kitchen. But where to begin? Taking a look at these images to inspire your next contemporary kitchen design is a great place to start.

Kitchen colour schemes: Five tips to selecting the right colours for your space

If you’re the cook in your household, the kitchen’s a place you’ll be spending plenty of time so you want to make sure the kitchen colours you choose make it a place you’ll love being in. Check out our tips and ideas on kitchen colour schemes.

Kitchen Colour Schemes: The dos and don’ts to picking kitchen colours

Chances are you’re looking for kitchen colour schemes that will stand the test of time, or at least the next 10 years. So to help you on your way to select kitchen colours that you won’t tire of, take note of these dos and don’ts.

Kitchen Colour Schemes: Images to inspire modern kitchen colour combinations

There’s nothing like a browse of modern kitchen images to get inspiration for kitchen colour schemes happening. Here are some kitchen colours to compare from bright and bold combinations to white and off-white classic appeal and neutral earthy-toned kitchen havens.

Small kitchen ideas: Modern kitchen images to inspire your next renovation

For an abundance of small kitchen ideas, browsing images of the completed product is often the best way to gather inspiration. Here are various modern small kitchens to get you thinking about what would work best in your space, and help you define where your style tastes lie too.

Small kitchen ideas: Tips & tricks to make your space look and feel bigger

If you have no choice but to work with a tiny kitchen space, then these small kitchen ideas are here to help you squeeze the most into your kitchen, and get your best result too.

Small kitchen ideas: Turning your storage dilemmas around

If you’re searching for small kitchen ideas to transform a tiny space into a more workable modern one, then chances are making the most of storage and creating more is high on your agenda too. Here are some handy small kitchen ideas to maximise storage when space is tight.

Kitchen ideas: The ultimate modern kitchen elements

‘If supremely modern is a must-have, here;s a run-down of all the in-vogue elements of today’s kitchens, plus some contemporary kitchen ideas for working these into your space.