Furniture Hire

Hiring furniture for your home will bring your property’s style to life.

Giving people a taste of the lifestyle they’d have if they bought your home is one of the best ways to boost your selling price.

Hire furniture and it’s appearance delivers subtle clues as to the value of the property and the kind of people who will be drawn to it.

Importantly, your hire furniture should be just a little more expensive in appearance than what prospective buyers can afford for themselves. This gives the impression that they really are upgrading by purchasing your property.

Furniture Hire Melbourne Costs

Typically the costs to hire furniture in Melbourne for a home with dining and lounge rooms are:

>One bedroom: $2,200 – $2,800

>Two bedroom: $2,600 – $3,400

>Three Bedroom: $3,700 – $4,800

>Add a bedroom: $350 – $450

>Add an office: $350 – $450

>Add an extra rumpus/media/lounge room $800 – $1,050

Please note: these furniture hire costs are indicative for Melbourne homes only. They are sufficient to ensure you obtain higher quality hire furniture as cheaper hire furniture actually drags down your sales price.

That is, if the furniture is of lessor quality than prospective buyers currently own, they will regard the property as a downgrade, thereby lower interest in your property.

The Makeover Group provides Furniture Hire in Melbourne. You can obtain more information on how to sell you home for more by downloading ‘Ten property presentation tips’ in the lafet hand panel of this page.