Property, Interior and Home Styling for Melbourne homes.

The Makeover Group’s property and interior home styling is faster, more profitable and fully managed. We offer a full property presentation service including property styling and trades in Melbourne, Australia.

That means you can enjoy a more successful sale without having to manage all the contractors you need to prepare a home for sale.

Our clients usually enjoy at least a $3,000 return for every $1,000 they invest on property presentation.

Our fully managed property makeover service includes:

We consistently achieve exceptional clearance rates because our assessment of your property combines home styling appeal with bankable advice, based on proven property valuation techniques. That is, what people are prepared to pay for. That’s what makes us different.

We then deliver all the services you need as one easy, fully managed and timely presentation of your home. No fuss, just fast, informed results.

To find out more, see our before & afterstestimonials or contact us on 1300 768 464.

How does our unique approach to property styling make more money for you?

Choosing the most profitable/stylish enhancements

The advice we provide in our initial assessment aims to give you maximum confidence when selling. We deliver this kind of return regularly, employing two themes:

  • By ensuring strong visual appeal by styling your property in line with target market tastes
  • Employing proven valuation research into various property presentation techniques that give you better returns (developed exclusively by the Makeover Group via post-graduate level property research)

Reducing lost rent, interest costs or the need for bridging finance

These ‘holding’ costs are far greater than most people realise so we aim to have a property ready for sale generally within a week or so.

How substantial are your hidden selling costs?

For example, imagine a $1M property that is going to market.

If it’s a family home, a one month delay in interest (or opportunity cost) based on a 7.5% interest rate is $1,000,000 x 7.5%  (interest) / 12 (months) = $6,250 in hidden costs

If it’s a rental property yielding 3% rental return per annum, that’s $2,500 in lost rent alone. Also, if you sold the property and just deposited the money in the bank (at 3.5%), that equates to $2,917 in lost interest (or opportunity cost).

Try the numbers for your property to see just how much you would lose if the presentation took an extra month to complete.

Remember: Speed to market means extra profit for you.

Our unique project methodology delivers that speed, at the right quality, with reliable people.

How does our property styling save you time & hassle?

Fast turnaround

Your property moves quickly to market, while giving you all the information you need to make smart and effective decisions whether you’re local in Melbourne or a thousand miles away.

As one of our clients you will know what’s being done, when and by whom – all without having to manage things on a day-to-day basis.

No hassles managing contractors

You don’t have to worry about unreliable people not showing up, poor taste, delivering work late or sloppy standards. Instead, our people all understand how important it is to work to the project plan for your property.

We understand, it’s our job to deliver.

Each of our people is hand-picked, undergoing rigorous assessment including reference & police checks. We only employ people with great attitudes as it’s important to keep your presentation moving in the right direction.

To find out more, see our before & afterstestimonials or contact us on 1300 768 464.