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Small Kitchens

The way we live has changed! Small kitchens are becoming the new normal with the way our population is changing.

Supported by broader government planning initiatives, apartments, town houses and inner-metro Melbourne homes all require small kitchens with loads of functionality.

Small kitchens

Small kitchens don't need to be boring.

Typically, small families, downsizers, couples and singles don’t require large urban homes and small kitchens need to pack in value for the available space.

Free Downloads: 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas or 25 White Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The are several small kitchen designs and solutions to optimise storage in your kitchen and you might like expert tips to make small kitchens appear larger.

Most modern small kitchen renovations combine clever small kitchens renovations ideas and the latest in technology for space saving appliances.

Small kitchens

Adding a table to single benched, small kitchens creates extra space for work & dining

Free Downloads: 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas or 25 White Kitchen Renovation Ideas

As inner-metro specialists, our kitchen designers visit your home to better understand your needs and the various kitchen layouts that will best fit your brief.

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Small kitchens can be a challenge to renovate. If you're looking to pack in all the functionality and style you can, contact us for chat about your next small kitchen.