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White kitchens versus colour - Easy ways to introduce bright hues to white kitchen designs

Kitchens aren't just a space to cook and eat – they’re often the hub of the home. And it's only natural that you might want to introduce some bright colour combinations that resemble fun and family to your kitchen space. But what if white kitchens are your thing? And even considering adding elements of permanent colour to white kitchen designs seems a little too much to bear? Then in comes these handy ideas to spruce up your white kitchen. Try these tips for just a touch of colour to brighten white kitchen designs without scaring lovers of classic and pristine white kitchens.

Accessories: Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to brighten up your kitchen space is to add some colourful accessories. The best part - is it's so easy to change accessories with the seasonal trends and bring white kitchens to life with some on-trend colour. Fun and colourful accessories for white kitchen designs include: bright and bold tea towels on display (think geometric patterns, floral, even fluro if it takes your fancy), utensils with bright handles, bold coloured vases, even recipe books can add a burst of bright colour.

Natural beauty: If you think subtle natural colour is a better way to add fresh hues to white kitchen designs, then think floral. A clear glass vase with bright flowers will attract the eye and bring white kitchens to life. A perfect way to add crisp seasonal colours to white kitchens is by putting your fruit on display. Try a bowl of bright yellow lemons, crisp green pears mixed with juicy red apples, or a bowl of nectarines, apricots, oranges and peaches for some orange summer appeal. Checkout 10 White and Timber Kitchen Designs

white kitchens 2

One element of colour: If you thought white kitchen designs were what you were after, but a touch of colour is really what's needed to make your space visually work for you then consider one of these permanent elements:
- Splashback - Adding some high-end glossy colour is the glass splashback. For fresh appeal, consider avocado green or aqua blue glass, or for a bold impression go for red. For a fun and modern look, try a mix of coloured and white tiles as the backdrop for white kitchens. 
- Appliances - A permanent but not fixed colour burst is to go for a coloured fridge (think bold red, cobalt blue) or to put coloured appliances on display (kitchen mixer, kettle, toaster). 
- Benchtops - Topping off white kitchen designs with a matte or gloss benchtop can be a fun way to introduce colour. In white kitchens with loads of benchspace, this may be overkill, but can be turned into a colourful feature too. Consider creating the look in white kitchens with just an island benchtop in a bright or bold colour - and leaving remaining benchtops neutral.


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Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He has more than a decade of home-renovation experience and has helped thousands of Melbourne clients undertake property-wide home renovations, including rebuilding their kitchens for a modern design and look.