White Kitchens: Choosing Your Benchtop Colour

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White Kitchens: Choosing Your Benchtop Colour

White kitchens are always popular because they deliver visual space, clean lines and light, bright spaces.

But what about your benchtop colour?

With a little forward planning you can create white kitchens with the perfect look for your home.

Firstly, consider your style preferences – do you prefer an all-white kitchen or a white kitchen with colour?

All-White Kitchens

All white kitchens

If you’re looking for cool crisp lines that maximise visual space, aligning your benchtop colours with your cabinetry will reduce the ‘visual punctuation’ throughout the room. White kitchens with this colour scheme certainly feel larger but you need to be careful with the whites you choose.

For example, with Melbourne’s climate, you might be best looking for warmer whites to keep the room visually warm in winter. In warmer climates, you would choose whites with a tiny hint of green or blue to create a cooler white kitchen.

Sometimes all-white can become ‘polar-white’ which may be taking it too far for some.


White Kitchens with Colour

If you’d like some colour and contrast in your white kitchen, your benchtop can soften and warm the room to add visual interest and texture.

white kitchens and colours

You might also employ contrasted cabinetry tones throughout your white kitchen.

White kitchens with colour

Try reversing the colour scheme to coloured cabinetry and white kitchen benchtops for an alternative way to deliver a similar effect.

So, how to select benchtop colours in white kitchens?

If you’re looking to use a contrast colour, look for colour anchor points throughout your kitchen or dining area.

Most often this will be the floor or wall colours or another surface that you design into the kitchen.

In regards to flooring the tiles might be complimentary to the benchtop or for floorboards, find a colour in the boards you like and replicate that colour in the benchtop.

white kitchens and colours

This approach will tie together your white kitchen’s style in a consistent and harmonious design.

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Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. With more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build, Richard has helped thousands of Melbourne clients undertake renovations to modernise their homes.