10 U Shaped Kitchens We Love

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10 U Shaped Kitchens We Love

U shaped kitchens are a great way to optimise working space and storage in the hub of your home.

Uniquely shaped rooms, with unique light sources, require different U shaped kitchens. So, with that in mind, check out these 10 U shaped kitchens:

U Shaped Kitchens - No. 1

U shaped kitchens 1

This layout illustrates one option in setting up your kitchen in narrow homes such as single fronted victorian terraces or apartments. You might also note the darker ceiling makes the room feel visually smaller with a lower ceiling. Free download: 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

U Shaped Kitchens - No. 2

U shaped kitchens 2This is a great example of turning your kitchen 90 degrees and using overhead storage and clean parallel lines to create a long galley feel. The island bench delivers a sociable kitchen. but your kitchen boundaries are clearly marked!

U Shaped Kitchens - No. 3

U shaped kitchens 3Ideal for a single or couple, this u shaped kitchen is designed for a super small space by delivering loads of leg room (and visual space). It even includes a breakfast bar for two. Free download: 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

U Shaped Kitchen - No. 4

U shaped kitchens 4We like this one because it over comes one of the flaws of U shaped kitchens. It provides dual access points, using an island bench whereas most u shaped kitchens only allow single access meaning you have to walk around a benchleaf to leave the room.

U Shaped Kitchen - No. 5

U shaped kitchens 5OK this concept is about having fun. The vibrant colours, the light space, the stools where chirpy guests can chow down on your home made pizza! Even the floor tiles suggest fun and flair without being to fused about treaditional kitchen norms. What a great space in which to cook and entertain.

U Shaped Kitchen - No. 6

U shaped kitchens 6With so many now extending their homes to create more open living and natural light, this one's a must. Note how the sense of space, as one room, is delivered using consistent flooring throughout, continuous wall colours and the single ceiling line. Consistency of style is the key. Free download: 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

U Shaped Kitchen - No. 7

U shaped kitchens 7The high end kitchen offers it all. Wine fridge, combi ovens, induction cook top, undermount sink and an inviting to touch benchtop with loads of room for a broadsheet.

U Shaped Kitchen - No. 8

U shaped kitchens 8If you like to prepare a meal then enjoy it without seeing your kitchen's culinary carnage, try this slightly elevated servery. This one warms the room with timber tones, provides privacy yet delivers a sense of one space.

U Shaped Kitchen - No. 9

U shaped kitchens 9Grandeur, style and real loud statement. This kitchen won't obnly feed the masses, it will seat them, too. The double fridge/freezer plus loads of storage means the cook will never be caught out.

U Shaped Kitchen - No. 10

U shaped kitchens 10

Another huge kitchen, with loads of space. Note the themed colours to visually punctuate a defined space. 

Free download: 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

If you'd like to find out more for yourself about how to best design U shaped kitchens, contact us.