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Kitchen Ideas Articles

Viewing entries tagged with 'Kitchen Design Ideas'

5 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Check out these five small kitchen renovation ideas that turn a small, pokey space into clever, stylish, and functional kitchen spaces. 

7 Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas for the Way You Live

See 7 modern kitchen renovation ideas that will give you a modern kicthen to suit your lifestyle. These clever kicthen ideas make you kitchen more functional and stylish - delivering the "wow" factor you're looking for.


10 Weird Dining & Kitchen Ideas

Sometimes innovation is a good thing. Other times, not so good. Check out these "unorthodox" dining and kitchen ideas that didn't quite take off.

Kitchen ideas: Three hints to remember

As you embark on your kitchen renovation and begin searching for kitchen ideas and inspiration to transform the hub of your home from dull and dreary to bright, modern and new, keep these hints in mind to help you create your best kitchen yet. 

Look book: A collection of white kitchens for your inspiration board

If white on white paints your picture of kitchen heaven, here are some inspirational white kitchen designs to get you thinking about creating your own space and to see how others are designing their white kitchens. A quick look at these white kitchens might also help you decide if even a slightest touch of colour might be what you’re after. 

White kitchens versus colour - Easy ways to introduce bright hues to white kitchen designs

Want to introduce some bright colour combinations that resemble fun and family to your kitchen space? Try these tips for just a touch of colour to brighten white kitchen designs without scaring lovers of classic and pristine white kitchens.

Get the look: The pros and cons of all-white kitchens

All-white kitchens are popular for their modern appearance and classic style – making them top of the renovating agenda for many. If that’s the case for you, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of white kitchen designs.

Kitchen Design Ideas & the Benefits of Hiring Kitchen Designers

Different kitchen designs can dramatically change the way a home feels and functions. Popular styles include traditional, contemporary or country whereby home owners can create their own space that unique to them. Kitchen designers play a key role in making your kitchen design ideas a reality.

Dream Kitchen Renovations & Elegant Kitchen Designs

How can you ensure your kitchen design delivers what you need? Kitchen renovations – more than any other room in the house – need to deliver both form and function. For this reason, engaging a kitchen designer not only saves thousands in the long run but creates a far more ‘liveable’ and modern home.