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Small kitchen ideas: Tips & tricks to make your space look and feel bigger

If you have no choice but to work with a tiny kitchen space, then these small kitchen ideas are here to help you squeeze the most into your kitchen, and get your best result too. Try these tips to make small kitchens look bigger than they are.

All white: Perhaps the handiest of small kitchen ideas, when it comes to choosing a colour scheme make sure the popular all-white is up for consideration. All-white gives the illusion of a brighter, bigger space, and teamed with clean lines and gloss cabinetry it creates an in-vogue modern look. For more design inspiration, take a look at these images of all-white kitchens.  

small kitchen ideas image 1

One colour: Even if all-white isn’t your cup of tea, one of the small kitchen ideas that will transform your space is being consistent with colour (think the same wall, splashback, and cabinetry colour). What does this do? It means your space is not broken up into colour blocks, and to the eye one-colour of space looks more expansive. 

small kitchen ideas image 2

Maximise light: When space is at a minimum, you can always maximise light in small kitchens. Our best small kitchen ideas for creating a light-filled kitchen haven: include large window spaces (ideally with nothing outdoors obscuring light entering the kitchen), add overhead lighting and downlights (particularly positioned over your kitchen workspace is ideal), introduce feature pendant lighting over benches and breakfast bars and consider a skylight to throw additional light into the whole space.

small kitchen ideas image 3

Keep it simple: To up the visual appeal of small kitchens, stick to a modern smart design with clean lines and minimise clutter which overcrowds small spaces and takes up your precious working space. Also check out these modern kitchen looks to inspire your small kitchen ideas

small kitchen ideas image 4

Don’t overcrowd the space: When brainstorming kitchen accessories and your small kitchen ideas, be wary of large items that might overcrowd small kitchens. Common culprits are large bench stools (opt for backless stools that won’t create harsh lines or take up too much space), over-sized appliances (slimline appliances look better in small spaces and take up less room) and large feature lighting (opt for simple pendant lighting instead).

small kitchen ideas image 5

+ For more small kitchen ideas or advice on your next home renovation, contact The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or see

Richard Armstrong, Director of The Makeover Group, has more than a decade of experience in kitchen renovations and build. He has helped hundreds of clients with small kitchen ideas to modernise and maximise their kitchen space.