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Modern kitchens: Ideas and tips for choosing all the elements of your contemporary kitchen

Transforming your contemporary kitchen into a practical, stylish space is easier than it might at first sound. Modern kitchens are all made up of the same elements after all – appliances, layout, cabinetry, benchtops, pantry / storage. It’s just a matter of narrowing down which of these modern kitchen ideas and elements are the ones you want (or need) most, then factoring them into your kitchen design and the space you have to work with. These modern kitchen ideas and images will help you make your choice, and to create a contemporary kitchen space that works for the home cook in your house and all the food lovers too. 

1. Benchspace
Modern kitchens are usually big on benchspace, but how much you can factor in really does depend on the fit-out of your kitchen and how big your kitchen space is too. Here are some ideas for why to make benchspace a priority in modern kitchens: 
- Because you love to cook. If you’re an aspiring masterchef, then contemporary kitchens with loads of benchspace for food preparation are a dream come true.
- Because entertaining is your thing! Home entertainers will easily make the most of an abundance of benchspace – especially when it’s party time.
- Because your contemporary kitchen is the hub of the home. If the food lovers in your house like to gather in the kitchen, then an island or wraparound bench that doubles as a breakfast bar will come in handy.

modern kitchens image 1

2. Appliances
Sleek and modern appliances can give contemporary kitchens in-vogue appeal. Chatting with a kitchen designer and scouring some image inspiration is a great way to get some modern kitchen ideas under your belt.  So what are your choices when it comes to appliances?
- Ovens: When it comes to ovens, it’s a pretty simple choice – an underbench or wall unit, and selecting the size too. Double ovens, and large underbench units are popular now in modern kitchens, but there’s some handy double oven wall units on the market too.
- Microwaves / dishwashers / small appliances – Where these go in contemporary kitchens is a personal choice. Some homeowners like their appliances on display, and others prefer them hidden away in a pantry or appliance cupboard.
- Fridge – Size is the big factor here. Factor into your decision how many people are in your family, the amount of kitchen space you can allocate to housing the fridge, and remember to be wary of your fridge’s energy consumption too (the one appliance in your house that will always be running).
- Colour co-ordinate – As well as selecting the size and type of appliance that will suit your lifestyle, today’s contemporary kitchens can take on bright appeal with coloured fridges and other appliances, or opt for the look of elegant modern kitchens with stainless-steel appliances.

modern kitchens image 2

3. Layout
Deciding on the layout of modern kitchens can be dependent on the overall size of your kitchen space. It’s a good idea to chat with a kitchen designer about some modern kitchen ideas and ways to create a contemporary kitchen within your space restrictions and budget too. Popular layouts include U-shaped kitchens, L-shaped benches and island benches that double as breakfast bars.

4. Pantry / Storage
The general rule in modern kitchens is you can never have too much storage. Walk-in pantries are coveted and overhead cabinetry is the perfect use of extra space for additional storage. Here are some simple modern kitchen ideas for maximising storage:
- Walk-in pantry – If your kitchen space allows, adding a walk-in pantry is always a bonus, and can help you turn storage dilemmas into handy and organised storage solutions. Additional shelving or compartments within your pantry can also be an asset.
- Make use of your space – Empty wallspace can easily be maximised for storage with shelving or overhead cabinetry. If you’re concerned that this may clutter up your space, consider glass doors to lighten the overall kitchen look. Also consider the placement of drawers versus cupboards. Deep drawers are a handy way to store pots and pans, and can allow you more useable storage space than cupboards.

modern kitchens image 4

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Richard Armstrong is a director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He has more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build. Richard has helped thousands of Melbourne clients create dream modern kitchens.