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Kitchen ideas: Three hints to remember

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As you embark on your kitchen renovation and begin searching for kitchen ideas and inspiration to transform the hub of your home from dull and dreary to bright, modern and new, keep these three hints in mind to help you create your best kitchen yet. 

1. Ask yourself why you’re renovating – Sounds simple? But this one question can help you get clear about what you really want to create and better understand how you use your current kitchen space too. So think about the answer and ask: what’s prompted your kitchen renovation? Why do you need or want to renovate? What do you most want out of your renovation? Jot down your answers and all the kitchen ideas that come to mind as you do, and create a running list or mood board of your ideas over a few months before the design and renovation process begins. Try these Kitchen Ideas – Questions To Ask too to help you with your kitchen ideas before renovations begin.  

2. Make the most of the space you have – No matter your kitchen’s size there are always plenty of ways to make more efficient use of your current space. Consider these kitchen ideas before you settle on a kitchen layout:
+To begin with, look at your highest kitchen priority. For example, if an oversized or double oven is the ultimate kitchen accessory then consider how benchspace, other appliances, cabinetry and electrical work will all factor into the mix around this.
+If storage is top of the agenda, or you have a small kitchen space, consider all the practical kitchen ideas for maximising storage space: from making the most of corners with tuckaway cupboards and pull-out corner drawers to overhead cabinetry and choosing an accessible uncluttered kitchen layout too. See more kitchen storage ideas.
+If your kitchen is large, then play around with various kitchen layouts, designs and options from a walk-in pantry to cabinetry to house appliances, a breakfast bar and oversized oven and stovetop. And don’t forget to check out how others have designed their modern kitchens for inspiration
+ Consider speaking with a kitchen designer to get some expert advice and new trends and design ideas to transform your space.

3. Choose your colours wisely – Colour can change everything! A little colour knowledge and research might just see you changing your mind when it comes to the colourful impact you want to see day-in and day-out in your kitchen.
+ Bright and bold colours (yellow, orange, red) will create a dramatic and energetic feel, while greens, browns and other earthy tones create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Discover the impact different kitchen colour schemes can have on a space in these kitchens in our colour scheme look book
+ A white or neutral colour scheme will bring timeless yet contemporary appeal to your kitchen space. And even with this simple colour palette, there are plenty of different looks you can achieve. See our white kitchens lookbook.
+ If you want your kitchen to make a statement and a little more modern and edgy is your style, then consider a black and white kitchen or adding some bright and bold colour to the design might be the way to go.

Extra ways to keep those kitchen ideas and inspiration flowing:
- Visit the homes of people you know who have recently completed kitchen renovations.
- Browse magazines, blogs and websites for kitchen renovation images and articles.
- Download our free ebook, 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas for Renovations.
- Visualise how you want your overall space to look, and create a mood board to bring your kitchen ideas together.

For more home renovation inspiration and design expertise, Melbourne clients can phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or see

Richard Armstrong, a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group, has more than a decade of home renovation experience, including kitchen design and build. He has helped hundreds of Melbourne clients create their dream kitchen renovations.