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Kitchen ideas: The ultimate modern kitchen elements

If supremely modern is a must-have, here’s a run-down of all the in-vogue elements of today’s kitchens, plus some contemporary kitchen ideas for working these into your space.

The walk-in pantry – More than a modern element, in many kitchens this has become standard – allowing for additional shelving, and extra space to organise your pantry staples. Even if your kitchen is small, walk-in pantries can sometimes be worked into corner spaces. 

The butler’s pantry – When a walk-in pantry just isn’t enough, in comes the luxurious butler’s pantry. Popular in high-end kitchens, it comes complete with benchspace, space for appliances, often floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and even a kitchen sink too.

Underbench or double oven – If you love cooking or entertaining, then chances are this modern must-have is on your kitchen ideas list. The underbench oversized oven is popular as is the double wall oven – it’s simply a matter of preference and space constraints too.

kitchen ideas image 2

Oversized cooktop - To match that oversized oven, a five-burner or six-burner stovetop is a handy appliance for cooks, and sits seamlessly above a large underbench oven.

Appliance cupboard – Love your appliances and kitchen gadgets, but don’t want them on display? If your kitchen is large on space, then cabinetry designed to house them is ideal.

Reconstituted-stone benchtops – For a modern sleek look, reconstituted-stone for benchtops is a good-looking high-end way to go. This hardwearing surface comes in various looks from matte to high-shine and mottled stone to shiny black, white and other colours too.

kitchen ideas image 3

Breakfast bar – For keen cooks and entertainers, having a place to serve food from and extra benchspace to prepare meals too is the ultimate extra. Play with your kitchen layout to see what kitchen ideas you can house - a wrap-around U-shaped or L-shaped bench or stand-alone island bench lends itself to this design.

kitchen ideas image 3

More cupboards – A staple in high-end kitchens is volumes of cupboards – from floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to deep underbench drawers and glass-panelled overhead cabinetry. Plus, check out these storage space kitchen ideas

kitchen ideas image 4

Stainless steel – A popular modern surface, stainless-steel can be used for benchtops and kickboards, but gives a sleek and contemporary edge when it comes to appliances.

kitchen ideas image 5

White on white – An in-vogue colour selection that says modern all over is white. And it’s doesn’t just have to be white gloss cabinetry or white stone benchtops either – everything white or shades of white with off-white and ivory/cream is a popular modern look too. Also check out these ideas for creating the ultimate white kitchen space.

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kitchen ideas image 6

+ Melbourne clients wanting more advice and modern kitchen ideas for their next renovation, can phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or see

Richard Armstrong, a director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group, has more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build. Richard has helped hundreds of Melbourne clients create their ultimate modern kitchen space.