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Kitchen Colour Schemes: The dos and don’ts to picking kitchen colours

kitchen colour schemes 2

Chances are you’re looking for kitchen colour schemes that will stand the test of time, or at least the next 10 years – meaning you’re not wanting to adventure into another kitchen renovation any time soon. So to help you on your way to select kitchen colours that you won’t tire of, take note of these dos and don’ts to picking kitchen colour schemes.


-           Do go with your gut. If you’re gut instincts are to select certain colours over other kitchen colour schemes (even if everyone else disagrees) then go with it! You’ll be the one living, cooking and working away in your kitchen, so it needs to be a space you love the look of.

-          Do play the colour match game. Try visualising kitchen colour schemes as you jump from various business for tiles, cabinetry and splashback colours and you’re certain to end with a recipe for confusion. Do take samples to bring home, and bring them along when you go shopping for other elements of your kitchen space. Match the various kitchen colours and tones together in your kitchen space to see how they work.

-          Do consider all-white. All-white or off-white/neutral tones as kitchen colour schemes can make the perfect blank canvas, offering a timeless-look yet modern kitchen space, that you can add coloured accessories too and change seasonally. (LINK to all-white kitchen article)

-          Do colour block. For kitchen colour schemes that are mainly neutral with just a dash of colour, consider adding one bold and bright block of colour to an element of your kitchen. For example, overhead cabinetry in a contrasting colour or a coloured splashback.

-          Do check your lighting. If you’re heart is set on bright or light kitchen colour schemes, be sure to consider how much light enters your kitchen space – low-light can change the look of certain colours, and you may want to consider added extra lighting via a skylight, downlights or overhead pendant lighting to achieve kitchen colours you’re after.


Don’t choose what’s in vogue because it’s in vogue. While modern is coveted, some colourful design elements might be popular now, but something you’ll tire of in a couple years. Consider the longevity of kitchen colour schemes and whether your chosen kitchen colours really are for you.

- Don’t forget to ask for samples. Gather samples (or buy them if you have to) of chips/cards/tiles in various colours. This is a practical way to help you match colours and design your kitchen colour scheme.

- Don’t underestimate the value of expert advice. Colour consultants and kitchen designers offer colour design ideas, information on popular and classic kitchen colour schemes, can help you design the ideal colour combination for your space and bring a wealth of colour knowledge to help you make your choice.

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Richard Armstrong, director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group, has more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build. Richard has worked with thousands of Melbourne clients to create modern kitchens to suit their tastes and lifestyle.