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Kitchen Colour Schemes: Images to inspire modern kitchen colour combinations

There’s nothing like a browse of modern kitchen images to get inspiration for kitchen colour schemes happening. Here are some kitchen colours to compare – from bright and bold combinations to white and off-white classic appeal and neutral earthy-toned kitchen havens. Let this be your spring board for ideas when it comes to choosing kitchen colour schemes.

Ready for red

Not much compares to fire-truck or cherry red to make an in-your-face impact in kitchen colour schemes. It’s bold, bright and stands-out all on its own, so if red is your colour of choice then chances are making a statement is what you’re after. Just how much red you let take centre stage in the kitchen is up to you –maybe you want to go the full gamut or maybe it’s just a touch of red (for the splashback or overhead cabinetry, perhaps?) for dramatic impact.  

Your red kitchen image inspiration:

kitchen colour schemes red image

kitchen colour schemes image 9

kitchen colour schemes image 10

kitchen colour schemes image 11

Bright, bold and full of colour

If bright is the first word that comes to mind when you think kitchen colour schemes, then you’ll love the kitchen colours here. Just remember bright kitchen colours create a lively energetic atmosphere, and you’ll want to be sure it’s a colour you love to be immersed in day-in day-out (especially if you choose bright cabinetry or a stand-out splashback) as you cook away in your kitchen.

Your out-there colourful kitchen image inspiration:

kitchen colour schemes image 8

kitchen colour schemes image 12

kitchen colour schemes image 13

kitchen colour schemes image 7

Earthy-toned appeal

A classic combination in kitchen colour schemes for its timeless appeal and natural tones are these earthy colour combinations – a mix of browns, chocolates, white and off-white and greens (from avocado, to olive and lime shades) too. These kitchen colours give a warm calm feel and are less likely to date compared to bright and bold kitchen colour schemes.

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Your earthy-toned kitchen image inspiration:

kitchen colour schemes earthy colours image
kitchen colour schemes image 14

kitchen colour schemes image 15

When everything is white

The ultimate in modern kitchen colour schemes is all-white, and is perhaps not much of a scheme at all but a blank canvas of neutral, non-offensive, shiny and in-vogue. White says modern, fresh and clean (as long as you keep it that way!). Take a look here for more all-white kitchen designs and images.

kitchen colour schemes image 16

Better in black

Black or dark-toned cabinetry creates a strong presence and make for masculine kitchen colour schemes (usually teamed with stainless-steel, greys or off-white colour combinations). As these kitchen colours create a heavy look on the eye, make sure your kitchen space has good lighting to compensate or team with glass overhead cabinetry or a neutral-coloured benchtop to lighten the overall look.

Your dark-coloured kitchen image inspiration: 

kitchen colour schemes image 4

kitchen colour schemes image 3

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Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He has more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build. Richard has helped hundreds of clients create their dream kitchen space.