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Kitchen Colour Schemes: Five tips to selecting the right colours for your space


kitchen colour schemes 1

When it comes time to picking and choosing kitchen colour schemes, don’t panic if you’re struggling to make your mind up. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the home – and if you’re the cook in your household, it’s a place you’ll be spending plenty of time so you want to make sure the kitchen colours you choose make it a place you’ll love being in.

1. Choose what you love: Before you begin sorting through potential kitchen colour schemes, take a minute to define (and write down) the colours you are instantly drawn too. Is pristine, clean, fresh (and sometimes stark) white, your preference? Do you love warm earthy tones (browns, greens)? Or perhaps your first thought is to select the brightest of kitchen colours. 

2. Think about what you’re trying to create: Are you after an eye-catching impact when people walk into your kitchen space? If so, a combination of bold and dramatic kitchen colours might do the trick – a mix of black and white or a bright splashback among natural-toned cabinetry. Or are you aiming for a classic space with timeless appeal? In that case, neutral kitchen colour schemes of white and off-white and neutral earthy tones can be your best bet.

3. Warm versus cool colours – Try dividing kitchen colour schemes into these two categories, and see which you are more drawn to, or where your initial colour choices fit in. This will help you decide on matching shades and how the look and style of your kitchen could evolve. Take your pick from these two kitchen colour schemes: warm colours (shades of red, oranges, yellows) give a vibrant, alive, energetic feel to a space; cool colours (greens, aqua, blues) offer a more serene, calming, relaxed atmosphere. 

4. Go kitchen visiting: It is one thing to see kitchen colour schemes and fit-outs in magazines or online, and another to be there in person. Do go visiting display homes, showrooms or checking out other people’s recently renovated kitchens to gather inspiration for your kitchen colours. This is a handy way to decide almost instantly whether certain kitchen colours will translate well into your space. Remember too to take note of how kitchen colour schemes can contribute to the look, feel, energy and style of the space.

5. Colour visualisation:  To help you visualise the colours in your kitchen, sometimes things have to get a bit messy – if that’s what it takes to paint the picture for you, then do (carefully!) splash some potential paint colours on the walls, line up samples of cabinetry colours and do buy a couple tiles to place in the existing space. Of course, it’s not to the same scale but usually this is enough to give you an indication of whether you’re on the right track or need to delve into other kitchen colour schemes for inspiration.

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Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. With more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build, Richard has helped thousands of Melbourne clients undertake renovations to modernise their homes.