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Get the look: The pros and cons of all-white kitchens

All-white kitchens are popular for their modern appearance and classic style – making them top of the renovating agenda for many. If that’s the case for you, then it’s time to look at the advantages and disadvantages of white kitchen designs, as well as ways you can inject some of your own style and flair into the room.

white kitchens 1

Why white kitchens are so popular

Clean, crisp, fresh and classic – white kitchens make a smart impression. But even with a single tone as your colour palette, there are plenty of ways to create individual style within white kitchen designs – from modern and bold, to classic or country. White kitchens come with their pros and cons. Check out this run-down of some of the advantages and disadvantages before you start browsing white kitchen designs.


Classic: White kitchens can offer a classic timeless look that doesn’t outdate.

White on white: Clever white kitchen designs will incorporate various shades and textures of white to give extra visual punch to your white kitchen – think gloss cabinetry, or a white glass splashback or white and off-white speckled stone benchtops.

Not offensive: If you’re renovating with the likelihood of selling your home soon, white kitchens are a popular choice because chances are they will be liked by potential buyers.

Dress it up: If you love the look of white kitchens but can’t help but think they need a burst of a bright hue, it’s easy to dress up the space with accessories. Think a bright coloured vase, canisters, even brightly-coloured utensils on display.

Looks bigger: White kitchen designs can help make rooms look lighter and give the illusion of a bigger kitchen space too – a handy design trick when space is at a premium.


Too white: Without an element of texture or a window outlook, white kitchens can look a little too white. Incorporating stainless steel appliances help break up the white-on-white look, as does accessorising with colour and opting for an element of texture, such as a speckled neutral-coloured stone benchtop.

Feeling dull: After a while your all-white kitchen space may seem like it is lacking something. If that’s the case, then some minor renovations to spruce up white kitchens could include: changing benchtops, adding feature pendant lighting, or opting for a bright-coloured glass splashback.

Mess factor: White might be a symbol of cleanliness, but it also gets dirty easily. If white kitchens are your thing, then expect dirty fingerprints and mess to be more noticeable and be prepared to make some extra effort to keep it clean.

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Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. With more than a decade of home-renovation experience, Richard has helped hundreds of Melbourne clients undertake home renovations to create a new and modern kitchen design for their home.