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Clever Kitchen Ideas

Sourcing as many kitchen ideas as possible is important but even more importantly, which kitchen ideas will make the primary room in your home, truly yours?

What’s your perfect kitchen? What does it look like? What must it do? Who’s going to see it? Where’s its role in your home? Who’s going to cook or entertain in it? What cuisines do you enjoy?

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White Kitchen Ideas

White Kitchens


There are several white kitchen ideas to create that clean minimalist look in your kitchen:

  • Crisp, straight kitchen lines – always align the lines in your kitchen to give a uniform and finished appearance.
  • Uniform colours vs. Contrasts – You could have an all-white kitchen to create space or use contrasts such as white cabinetry with accented bench tops or separating the cabinetry into white below and contrast colours above.
  • No Kitchen Handles – If you’re passionate about your minimalist kitchen, consider a recessed lip, push open snibs or overhead doors that have a small overhang. Handles can disrupt the visual flow of your minimalist kitchen ideas so removing them altogether can really add to the look
  • Integrated appliances – Integrated appliances (despite their additional cost) give a clean, consistent appearance that doesn’t highlight your appliances. Instead they’re hidden behind panels that are the same as your cabinetry.

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Modern Kitchen Ideas 

  • Under bench lighting – Creating soft, indirect lighting creates a relaxed ambient light in your kitchen while still lighting work spaces
  • Waterfall ends – Perfect for creating stylish, discreet zones that to give a premium look to your kitchen
  • Communal spaces – many families congregate around the kitchen bench. If this is the way you’d like to use your home, consider an island bench top with an overhang for stools

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Small Kitchen Ideas for Small Homes

  • Island Bench – Give your kitchen features multiple purposes to make more efficient use of space. For example, an island bench can house drawers, appliances and the sink while create a place where you can sit.
  • Galley Kitchens and Overhead cabinetry – Galley kitchens are usually the most efficient use of space in a kitchen. By placing cupboards over head (all the way to the ceiling) you can increase utility dramatically.
  • Clean lines – Clean with limited visual punctuation give your kitchen greater visual space. Keep the colours light to maximise this visual space.

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Kitchen Ideas for Storage

  • Eliminate Dead Corners – Kitchen ideas for wasteful corners include lazy Susan or kidney shelves. If the rear of the corner faces your dining room, you can also place a cupboard door on the dining room side to provide access and use the cupboard space.
  • Drawers Vs. Cupboards – Using drawers can increase you kitchen’s capacity by up to 60%. They cost a little more but make a huge difference.
  • Overhead cupboards – Running your overhead cupboard all the way to the ceiling will find and extra 20-30% of storage space

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Kitchen Ideas for the way you live, cook and entertain 

Kitchens for entertainment
  • Your cuisine – What do you like to cook? If you love Asian cuisine and do loads of stir fries, you won’t need two ovens. 
  • Your entertainment style – Do you like to have an audience when you’re cooking or do you prefer to cook in private with the ‘reveal’. Your kitchen ideas for preparation areas really should facilitate how you host guest
  • Your lifestyle – Do you have a busy family, requiring you to cook dinner while supervising the kids’ homework, while ordering next week’s groceries, while answering phones calls/emails, while checking out new recipes online? Maybe a large island bench would help

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