Black and White Kitchens

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Black and White Kitchens

To some, the ultimate heart of the home is the black and white kitchen.

Black and white kitchens lend themselves to evolving with your mood. That is, you can accessorise them to dramatically vary the look and feel of your kitchen using various colours.


Black and whites kitchens 1

Minimalist. Black and white kitchens with few other colours deliver a minimalist, visually clean look. They're particularly suited to small kitchens, for example, in apartments, single fronted homes or townhouses. 


Black and white kitchens 2

Warmth. To create some warmth in black and white kitchens, timber finishishes will soften the visually hard surfaces. You might also like white and timber kitchens


Black and white kitchens 3

Got a View? If you're looking to embellish a view, a black and white kitchen will 'frame' it. Consistency of materials and colours is the key to pull off the look you're after.

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The trick to creating a standout contemporary kitchen is to find the perfect combination of black and white for a visually stunning space that you’ll love to be in.

If ebony and ivory kitchens appeal to you, here's some more inspiration for your own black and white kitchen design. Even the smallest amount of onyx against white can result in a stunning contemporary kitchen look.

modern kitchens black and white 1Touch of black: Black and white kitchens don’t need to be overpowering. A little onyx added to this white kitchen, sets it apart. Other modern kitchen ideas for adding just a touch of black to your contemporary kitchens could include a black splashback, black floor tiling, or a black panel of cabinetry.


modern kitchens black and white 2Just add stainless steel: Black, white and stainless steel make a powerful presence in modern kitchens. Stainless steel fixtures and fittings (handles, pendant lighting, kickboards) are the perfect sleek and elegant addition to pack some extra pizzazz into the mix.

Want more kitchen ideas? Free download 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas


modern kitchens black and white 3Extreme Black and White Kitchen! If a mix match of black and white is your thing, then you’ll like this design’s take on tiling. 


modern kitchens black and white image 4

White overhead: Complementing modern kitchens with jet-black gloss cabinetry are overhead white kitchen cabinets. The white tones down the black kitchen cabinetry.

As you can see, black and white kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. If you treat the black and white in your kitchen as the canvas and use accents to colour it, you're well on the way.

Want more kitchen ideas? Free download 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

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Richard Armstrong is a director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. With more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build, Richard has helped thousands of Melbourne clients create modern kitchens to match their lifestyle.