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Kitchen Ideas Articles

6 Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Renovation

No such thing as too much storage space? If, like most people, you’re keen for extra ways to up the ante on your kitchen storage space, try factoring these six storage-solution tips into your next kitchen renovation. 

7 Tips to Create a Light-filled Kitchen

Check out these 7 tips to increase light in your kitchen, making the heart of your home more liveable. These clever ideas deliver sophisticed, well-lit kitchen spaces that ooze style.

10 Things To Consider For Your Kitchen Re-Design

Your new kitchen design can be both beautiful and functional, but most importantly should facilitate the way you live. To do this, kitchen designers explore just how you use your kitchen space – to cook, eat, entertain, socialise – before creating your ultimate user-centred kitchen layout.

5 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Check out these five small kitchen renovation ideas that turn a small, pokey space into clever, stylish, and functional kitchen spaces. 

7 Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas for the Way You Live

See 7 modern kitchen renovation ideas that will give you a modern kicthen to suit your lifestyle. These clever kicthen ideas make you kitchen more functional and stylish - delivering the "wow" factor you're looking for.


Clever Kitchen Ideas

Sourcing as many kitchen ideas as possible is important but even more importantly, which kitchen ideas will make the primary room in your home, truly yours?

What’s your perfect kitchen? What does it look like? What must it do? Who’s going to see it? Where’s its role in your home? Who’s going to cook or entertain in it? What cuisines do you enjoy?

10 Weird Dining & Kitchen Ideas

Sometimes innovation is a good thing. Other times, not so good. Check out these "unorthodox" dining and kitchen ideas that didn't quite take off.

How Long Does A Kitchen Renovation Take?

A common question clients often ask is how long a kitchen renovation takes. Like all projects, some can be done quickly, others take a little longer often due to the finishes, materials or work methods required for the kitchen renovation. This article outlines a realistic kitchen renovation timeframe, depending on the choices you make.

Kitchen ideas: Three hints to remember

As you embark on your kitchen renovation and begin searching for kitchen ideas and inspiration to transform the hub of your home from dull and dreary to bright, modern and new, keep these hints in mind to help you create your best kitchen yet. 

Kitchen ideas: The ultimate modern kitchen elements

If supremely modern is a must-have, here’s a run-down of all the in-vogue elements of today’s kitchens, plus some contemporary kitchen ideas for working these into your space.

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