7 Tips to Create a Light-filled Kitchen

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7 Tips to Create a Light-filled Kitchen

Making your kitchen a light-filled haven is easier than it sounds. Consider how these seven simple options could help transform your space from dull and dreary to bright and light.

1. Choose light coloursKitchen Window

Colour choice is always important, but even more so if your aim is to create a light look and feel room. Simply opting for light colours produces a bright and light impact. The idea here is that white reflects light making the whole space feel brighter, compared to dark surfaces which absorb more light. Popular are white kitchens, but if a white-on-white colour scheme isn’t your cup of tea consider combining light and dark tones within your kitchen space: light latte stone benchtops and a white glass splashback teamed with medium-dark hardwood floors and dark-wood toned cabinetry will still create a light feel. Opting for white ceilings and white walls will also create a significantly lighter-looking kitchen.

Kitchen Window2. Add a window

Natural light works wonders to create a light-filled kitchen space and adding a window is the easiest way to let light in (if your kitchen layout/design allows). Other options include extending a single window frame to a double window or creating a servery window to outside. But also check if there’s anything outdoors obstructing light from entering your kitchen window.


3. Insert skylights

Kitchen Skylight

A skylight can dramatically brighten any room, but is an especially great solution in windowless kitchens.

Importantly, It's hard to beat natural light in any living space - particulary a kitchen where we spend so much time.

There are all types of skylights - double-glazed, openable, tinted, frosted - take you pick for your specific requirements. 

Always choose a professional installer for best quality and Australian standards.



Kitchen Mirroed Splashback

4. Mirrored Splashback

Using a mirrored splash back reflects light back into the room and delivers a greater sense of space. You can even have various tints in the splashback to give yourkitchen the hue you want.

It's impact on the appearnce and tone of you kicthen can be quite dramatic.


5. Plan your ceiling and feature lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Good kitchen lighting is particularly important over your work, cooking and preparation spaces. Consider how you use your kitchen and plan where lighting will be necessary. While recessed or feature ceiling lighting will often do the trick, popular pendant lighting will bring additional light to the space and can create a warm glow and ambience too. Lastly, chat to your lighting specialist about globe choice – consider both brightness (wattage), longevity and energy-efficiency too.

Remove walls6. Structural changes

Consult your designer/builder about what you can achieve here, but widening doorways or taking out unnecessary walls is a fast way to create an open-plan space and throw a whole lot more light into the room. This is not just about creating a light-filled kitchen, but potentially one larger, open and brighter kitchen and living space for the whole family.

7. Under-Bench lightingKitchen Under bench Lighting

Using indirect lighting to illuminate your works spaces is a great way to increase the functionality of your kitchen while adding a stylish touch.Nowadays, more effective LED underbench track lighting delivers energy efficiency that allows the lights to be used as the main light source in a kitchen - especially if you looking to create ambience and function work spaces.


For kitchen and home renovation advice, Melbourne clients can phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or book your very own renovation workshop.