7 Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas for the Way You Live

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7 Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas for the Way You Live

Over the last decade our lifestyles have changed dramatically. We have smaller families, work longer hours and a higher proportion of us now live apartments than ever before.

This combined new kitchen technologies and evolving international design trends means our modern kitchen renovations now feature some clever inclusions.  

Modern Kitchen RenovationModern Kitchen Renovation

Comparing this kitchen from 30 years ago to a new kitchen design helps illustrate just how much modern kitchen renovations have evolved.

Kitchen Renovation

1. Clean Lines & Space

Delivering clean visual lines, modern kitchen renovations feature flat panels with consistent colours, reducing visual punctuation through the kitchen. Many modern kitchens also use less variety in materials to increase the kitchen’s visual simplicity

Kitchen Renovation

2. Island Bench For A More Engaging Space

Island benches make a huge difference to the way we use a kitchen.

Removing kitchen posts to create a large horizontal focal point makes the space feel larger and delivers greater functionality.

When you have guests they often gravitate to an island bench. It allows you to engage with guests and family as you prepare your meals.

If you have a young family, you can organise meals while corralling the children in their daily routine.


3. Greater Storage

More kitchen appliances and gadgets requires your modern kitchen to have greater storage throughout.

Modern Kitchen RenovationModern Kitchen RenovationModern Kitchen RenovationModern Kitchen Renovation

To improve the storage space in your kitchen, you might consider kidney cupboards for those space hungry-dead corners, drawers (instead of doors), kicker drawers and pull out pantries

Kitchen Renovation

4. Better Appliances & Technology

Over recent years, appliances have become more efficient with new technologies and greater focus on environmental needs.

Generally speaking, better quality appliances deliver a more energy efficient kitchen. They also last longer and have had a little more thought put into how they work.

Kitchen Renovation

5. A Modern Kitchen For Two

Gone are the days when only one person uses the kitchen. More and more modern kitchen renovations cater for two people using the kitchen at the one time.

This requires more open space and work zones that allow you to do various discreet tasks – all within the one kitchen space.


6. More Natural Light

Modern Kitchen RenovationImproving the natural light in your kitchen doesn’t just make it easier for you to use. It delivers more visual space while reducing energy bills.

Island benches and glass splashbacks are an ideal way to deliver a sense of space and bring some of the outside in. Windows add interest and depth to what would have otherwise been a plain splashback wall.





Kitchen Renovation

7. Under-bench Lighting

Lighting under overhead cabinets lights up your work spaces without introducing cumbersome light fittings throughout your kitchen.

It helps you open up your kitchen space while making it more versatile.

Most modern kitchen renovations employ these features – and more. If you’d like to find out how to update your kitchen, call us on 1300 768 464.


Richard Armstrong

About The Author - Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm, The Makeover Group specialising in adding value to homes through renovation. He’s undertaken innovative post graduate property valuation research to identify what enhancements add the most value to homes in specific Melbourne suburbs. Educated in design and property valuation, he is also a Registered Building Practitioner.

To discuss your renovation visit www.themakeovergroup.com.au or call 1300 768 464.