6 Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Renovation

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6 Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Renovation

No such thing as too much storage space? If, like most people, you’re keen for extra ways to up the ante on your kitchen storage space, try factoring these six storage-solution tips into your next kitchen renovation.

1. Up your kitchen cabinetry space

How? Regardless of kitchen size, there are plenty of ways to maximise your storage space via clever cabinetry layout. To begin with, consider what you will be storing and where items could be to create a practical layout for preparing and cooking meals and entertaining too. Let your kitchen designer be your guide here, as they can offer expert input on cabinetry layout for your size kitchen and needs. But do note that it’s particularly important to weigh up your chosen combination of drawers versus cupboards – keeping in mind drawers will offer you more storage space.

Kitchen Cabinetry
HINT: Cutlery isn’t the only item perfect for drawer storage. Deep drawers are a handy option for storing large pots, woks and oversized pans; and narrow wide drawers can be a convenient pull-out to house your glasses, cups and saucers.

2. Utilise overhead space for storage

How? That space overhead isn’t just for a shiny exposed rangehood – although that will offer some modern sculptural flair and pizzazz to your space too! Overhead cabinetry (alongside your rangehood or across an entire kitchen wall) will offer additional storage, and is often great to house items you don’t need on hand every day. Overhead Kitchen Cabinets
If you’re concerned overhead cabinetry might cramp the look of your kitchen space, opt for a clean, lighter-coloured cabinetry to make the overall look a little lighter on the eye.

3. Fit-out your under-sink storage

How? Often an underused storage space, there’s so much more you can do with this double-door cabinet space than store the bin! Consider adding a half shelf, arrange shelving around plumbing or opt for a handy pull-out storage system to make items easily accessible.

HINT: Remember cabinet doors can be a handy extra storage solution too. Just add racks to hold high-use cleaning supplies and drying rails for towels.

4. Invest in drawer compartments

How? Not just for your cutlery, compartments will help keep your drawers tidy, fit more in and keep everything accessible, uncluttered and easier to find. Drawer compartments are a handy solution for cutlery and utensils, as well as to stop glasses, cups and mugs clanging and ensure your pots and pans have a dedicated spot.

Drawer Compartments
Choose an adjustable cutlery/utensil organiser which can easily be expanded to fit the size of your drawers.

5. Rethink storage options for corners and other hard-to-access areas of your kitchen

How? Chat to your kitchen designer about how you can make the most of corners in your kitchen and utilise this as additional storage. Incorporating handy pull-out systems or a lazy-Susan system into corner cabinetry spots can make access easier and ensure you’re making the most of this space.

Corner Kidney Cupboard  
HINT: Even your island bench or breakfast bar can offer an extra storage solution with hidden push-to-open cabinets on both sides.


6. Custom-design your pantry shelving

How? Ordinary fixed pantry shelving might appear to offer plenty of storage, but there’s no going past custom-designed storage spaces made to store various-sized items from tall or bulky goods to small spices and condiments. As well as this, you can add in handy extras, such as gliding shelving, storage baskets, adjustable shelving or a wine stacker to create your ideal storage space and help maintain order too. See this Blum cabinetry system below.

Blum Cabinetry
HINT: If you don’t have space for a dedicated appliance cupboard, consider custom-sized shelf spaces in your walk-in pantry to house these items.

For advice and ideas on renovating your Melbourne home’s kitchen, phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or see www.themakeovergroup.com.au