5 Things You Should Know For Your Kitchen Renovation

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5 Things You Should Know For Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be overwhelming. Too many ideas and options swirling through your mind? Cast them aside and begin here. While there’s no one recipe to kitchen renovation success, these five items are essential ingredients to know before you design your new space.


Kitchen Renovation

1. Neutral colours will stand the test of time.

Sticking to a classic colour palette might sound a little boring, but as far as longevity goes it’ll create your best kitchen look. White, off-white, shades of grey and even black can work their magic whether used in modern, classic or contemporary kitchen designs. On the flipside, bright hues will date a kitchen and chances are you'll tire of them quickly too.



2. How to prepare your budget.

Calculating your kitchen renovation budget is part research, part knowledge. Things to keep in mind include:
- The more you relocate items (plumbing, electrical), the more costs you incur. However, sometimes relocations are necessary to better the final design.

- Research the kitchen appliances you want, looking for what will suit your cooking needs, work best for your space (size) and the costs for each. 

- Consider the quality of fittings and fixtures, and whether budget, luxury or premium extras will be part of your selections. 

For an instant online home renovations costs estimate, you can try our free home renovation and extensions calculator.


3. You will need to cook elsewhere.

Renovating your kitchen will equal no access to your cooking space. A typical kitchen renovation can take between four to eight weeks to complete (time varying depending on the finishes/materials and work required), so it's essential you make alternate cooking arrangements ahead of time. Some clients even move out to make things run smoother.


101 Kitchen & Bathroom Ideas

4. Your kitchen design and style preferences.

While you don’t need to be firm on your design selections, doing a little kitchen style/design research before you meet your kitchen designer can is always a good idea. Making all the style and design decisions at once can quickly become overwhelming, so do think about the functionality of your space, and the kitchen styles, layouts and colours that speak to you. Download our free ebook, 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas for tips and inspiration.


Kitchen lighting

5. Good lighting is essential.

To make the most of cooking, dining and socialising in your newly renovated kitchen, you’ll need standout lighting. Top of the agenda is creating well-lit cooking and meal preparation zones, but also look to incorporate feature lighting (think pendants, drum shades or lantern style lighting over an island bench, breakfast bar or your table setting) to not only brighten your space but create a statement too.


Contact us for expert ideas and advice when designing your Melbourne home kitchen renovation.

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong, a director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group, offers more than a decade of home-renovation experience, including kitchen design and build. He has helped hundreds of Melbourne clients design and create modern kitchens to suit their tastes and lifestyle.