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5 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The way Australians live is changing, requiring a new way of designing kitchen spaces to meet our modern lifestyle.

With average family sizes reducing, many homes now have smaller kitchens with loads of appliances and mod-cons. Add to this our desire for cuisines from far-flung places using all kinds of cooking implements and the need for greater storage capacity quickly comes into play.

With this in mind, here are five small kitchen renovation ideas to delivery functionality and space-saving styles to help your kitchen renovation ideas.


Small Kitchen Renovation Idea No. 1

Small Kitchen Renovation Idea 1

We love this kitchen because it does an excellent job of bringing the outside in while increasing the light and space in the kitchen.

We think it’s particularly clever because traditional kitchen splashbacks serve very little purpose apart from being a wall (that’s easily cleaned). Installing a window of the splashback still delivers these practical requirements with the benefits of space and light in the heart of your home.

Free download: 101 Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Small Kitchen Renovation Idea No. 2

Small Kitchen Renovation Idea 2

If you’re really tight on space, consider a kitchen design that hugs the existing walls of your kitchen. Traditional island or peninsula kitchens require at least 110cm space between benches (for example to open the dishwasher or oven door).

So, by using an open kitchen, you save yourself over a metre of usable space. In a small apartment, that really counts. Naturally, the cabinetry needs to look sharp as it’s always on display.


Small Kitchen Renovation Idea No. 3

Small Kitchen Renovation Idea 3


This design hugs the walls but, importantly, the cabinetry cleverly mimics the wall and ceiling colours to provide a sense of visual space.

Rooms with a mixture of colours tend to provide visual punctuation to the eye which then makes the space appear smaller.




Small Kitchen Renovation Idea No. 4

Small Kitchen Renovation Idea 4

This kitchen illustrates the way island or peninsula benches can also double as dining spaces where you can prop and read the morning news over breakfast or enjoy an informal dinner at night.

The bench-top overhang reduces the need for a traditional dining space.



Small Kitchen Renovation Idea No. 5

Small Kitchen Renovation Idea 5

This kitchen renovation brings together a variety of clever elements. The cabinetry colours match the walls with a flat (no detail) finish to optimise visual space. The use of a peninsula bench with an induction cooktop also delivers greater usable space without the benchtop height differences a gas cooktop creates.

Another highlight is the cabinetry that goes all the way to the ceiling, creating storage space for those less-used implements.

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These kitchens show just some of the ideas our kitchen designers can develop for your small kitchen renovation. To book in your kitchen design workshop call 1300 768 464 or contact us

Free download: 101 Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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