5 Popular Kitchen Design Elements

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5 Popular Kitchen Design Elements

Have a few must-have elements in mind for your kitchen renovation? Almost everybody does. But do they make our most popular list? These five favourite elements are preferred for their sense of style, functionality and creating seamless sleek design.

1. The Island bench. 

Kitchen renovation island benchThe island bench creates a social hub (make it a breakfast bar) extra storage and quite simply looks good. Chat to your kitchen designer about how to make an island bench work wonders in your kitchen/meals zone. It’s an ideal inclusion in large open-plan space and can create a seamless flow from kitchen to meals and alfresco zones, linking your entertaining spaces. There are a couple rules when it comes to island benches though, namely avoid tiny island benches and ensure you have adequate space around the island.



2. Smart wireware.

Kitchen renovation wire wareKeen to make the most of your storage space? This is where wireware comes in handy.

Think pull-out pantries, various-sized pantry storage solutions to ensure everything has its place and you’re able to fit more in, plus magic corner units (wire ware that simply pulls out and eliminates reaching into corners while making the most of storage in these often awkward spaces).





3. Drawer solutions.

Kitchen renovation drawersDrawers equal more storage capacity. So, to make the most of your kitchen cabinetry storage, you’ll want to work as many drawers as possible into the design. And to make the most of all those drawers, opt for smart drawer organisers to ensure everything has its place.

Better still, these adjustable organisers expand so you can use every millimetre of drawer space.





4. Integrated appliances. 

Kitchen renovation integrated fridgeMore and more people are opting to hide their appliances behind cabinetry (integrate appliances) rather than keep them on show.

Why the trend? This creates less visual clutter, so the kitchen looks like a seamless flow of cabinetry, rather than being ‘broken up’ by too many appliances (microwave, oven, rangehood, dishwasher).




5. Handleless cabinetry.

Kitchen renovation no handlesIf minimalist and modern is your thing, then you might be keen for handleless cabinetry.

This popular option makes for a seamless (nothing protruding from cabinets) and aesthetically appealing look in contemporary kitchen designs.




Contact us for expert advice and more ideas for your Melbourne home kitchen renovation.