5 Clever Ideas To Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

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5 Clever Ideas To Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Desperate for a bigger kitchen but extending is out of the question? Good news is you still have  several options up your sleeve. These handy tricks won’t up your working space, but adopting them will make your tiny kitchen appear a bigger, brighter and lighter space to work in.


1. Colour choices.

Don’t be tempted by dramatic or bold colours to liven up your space as small kitchens can only take so much. Instead, opt for light colours for your walls, cabinetry and benchtops too. Choosing a lighter colour palette will help open up your room, create a brighter and lighter vibe and give the illusion of more space.

All white kitchen

For these reasons, all white is a popular option for small kitchens. But even if white isn’t your preference, being consistent with colour (that means sticking to one) can transform your kitchen’s look. How? By not breaking your small kitchen into colour blocks you create clean lines and less visual interruption, giving the illusion of a more expansive space.


2. A glass splashback instead of tiles.

While a more expensive option than tiling, a glass splashback can work wonders to create a modern, shiny, clean and bright look in your small kitchen.

Glass splashback kitchen

Plus, a glass splashback eliminates the need for grout lines which visually break up your space. Just be sure to choose a light-coloured glass.


3. Large tiles for your small space.

Large floor tiles (600mm x 600mm) are the way to go in small kitchens. Best is to avoid a narrow or small sized floor tile.

Small kitchen large floor tile

The bigger-sized tile works its magic in small spaces by creating a modern seamless look (less grout lines) and the illusion of a larger space. The less visual interruption you create within your space, the better.

4. Add a skylight or window splashback

A well-lit space will always look bigger, and an easy way to capitalise on this is to work with natural light. For windowless kitchens (or where lighting is poor), a skylight can be just the trick to let natural light flood in and create a brighter and lighter space throughout the day (as well as cut your reliance on electricity).

Kitchen splashback window

If your small kitchen has a window, ensure nothing outdoors is blocking light from reaching inside.


5. Less is more.

In other words, declutter. This simple action will instantly make your space look cleaner, lighter and bigger. First up, declutter your benches – only keep on display what is necessary. If you’re redesigning your cabinetry, then consider an appliance cupboard or dedicated shelving within your pantry to house appliances (rather than leave them on the bench).

De-clutter your kitchen

Large items will also overcrowd your kitchen, so opt for slimline appliances and minimal decorating.

Contact us for more advice and ideas for renovating your Melbourne home’s small kitchen.