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The Cosmetic Home Renovation: Tips & Ideas for a Modern Makeover

Want to give your Melbourne house a modern revamp but not keen on undertaking a home renovation with all the bells and whistles? Then a cosmetic home renovation may be just the trick. Here’s a run-down of what to consider to achieve a cosmetic renovation facelift with wow factor: 

1. First comes the facade: To begin, step outside and start your home renovation ideas from across the road. Have a really good look at the front of your property, and notice what you like and what could do with a change. Questions to ask yourself include: Does my house have a modern colour scheme? Is the garden in line with my personal style? And is the garden practical for my needs? What would my ideal facade include – new front door, fresh paint, feature tiling? What else could be changed? This should get you going with loads of ideas and ways you could enhance your home’s street appeal. For more ideas to enhance your home’s street presence, see here.

2. Take a tour: Starting at the front door, take yourself on a tour of your home. Notice what looks great, what you don’t like, what could be enhanced, any problems areas you’d like to improve and note down any ideas you have as you go. For a cosmetic home renovation, some of the items you might be looking to change include: doors, door handles, tap fittings, paint colours, floor coverings etc.

3. Paint & colour: As you work your way from room to room, notice whether a new coat of paint is needed, as well as the colours you are currently using in each room. Ideally, you’ll want to create a home renovation with colours from the same palette for continuity and a seamless look. A new coat of paint in a crisp fresh colour can do wonders for making your home appear more modern. And it’s a good idea not to ignore the neutral and non-offensive colour palette of white and off-white for big spaces – especially if your reason for home renovating is to sell. For more tips and ideas on adding colour to your home renovation, see here

4. Fixtures and fittings: The fixtures and fittings that are used throughout your house offer little visual clues about how modern your space is. As you enter each room, take note of your existing light fittings/lightshades, door/wardrobe handles, power points etc – and ask yourself whether they’re looking outdated. In bathrooms and kitchens, consider upgrading tap fittings and benchtops, and potentially replacing splashbacks too. Appliances, if old or outdated, can also let down the overall look of these rooms so it’s worth considering how well they work and if it’s time to replace them. For extra bathroom renovation ideas, see here. For kitchens, see here.

5. Floor coverings: Don’t forget to notice what’s underfoot as you take that tour through your house. Items to consider: whether tiling and splashbacks in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries needs to be updated; how well the carpet is faring - particularly in well-used high-traffic areas; whether floorboards are in need of a sand and polish. Make sure you step outside too and check any decked, tiled or paved areas, and whether it’s worth giving them a little home-renovation care.

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Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He has more than a decade of home renovation experience. Richard has helped thousands of Melbourne clients undertake cosmetic renovations to update their homes and create a new, fresh and modern look.