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5 Renovation Ideas For When The Kids Move Out

It might feel bittersweet, but when the kids fly the coop the perfect opportunity to invest in some upgrades for your home awaits. We’re not necessarily talking a drastic overhaul of your home sweet home, but it’s certainly prime time to restyle and rethink your lifestyle… and inset a few luxuries extras here and there too. You deserve it!

3 Ways To Structure Your Renovation Finance

There are a number of different ways to finance your renovations. Choose the right lender or plan, get the paperwork done early and your biggest headache will be choosing your paint colours; rose quartz or navy blue? But remember, if you get your finances wrong, paint colours will be the least of your worries.

5 Top Tips For Choosing Your Home’s Colours

Even a quick glance at seemingly endless paint colour options can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And that’s when colours for flooring, cabinetry, benchtops and furnishings haven’t even entered the equation! Checout these five top tips to guide you in making colour selections for your home renovation.

7 Questions To Ask An Architect Before You Engage Them

Engaging the right architect or building designer for your renovation can be a hit and miss exercise. Referrals and past projects are important but here are 7 questions you should ask your Melbourne architect/designer before you engage them.

5 Secret Alfresco Storage Ideas

Once planning for your ultimate alfresco zone begins, you’ll start tallying up all the furniture and extra bits and pieces you need (and want) in your space too. An outdoor table setting plus glasses, cooking utensils and serving ware, and don’t forget the cushions too! That’s where adding some secret storage options into your alfresco zone becomes a handy investment you’ll thank yourself for later. Here are five ways to make storage a priority in your outdoor space. 

5 Alfresco Lighting Ideas

To fully embrace your alfresco zone, good lighting is a must-have. And it’s not just to keep you entertaining late into the night either. Clever use of lighting can set your ideal scene – perhaps a tranquil glow for a relaxed lounge setting or throw a spotlight on your dining area? Plus, a well-lit alfresco zone is essential for practical purposes too – think illuminating stairs, pathways and your outdoor kitchen. Discover these top lighting solutions to brighten your alfresco area and help make it a year-round place you’ll want to be.

5 Design Tricks For Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Alfresco

The ideal alfresco zone is a seamless natural extension of your indoor space, letting you move your everyday lifestyle outdoors with ease. Factor these handy design tricks into your planning and your alfresco zone will quick become the place to be, dine and relax day and night.

5 Ideas to Create Your Winter Alfresco Area

Make a great outdoor space even better by factoring these five ideas into your planning. They’ll ensure your alfresco zone is not just about summer dining but importantly a year-round space to relax and unwind, eat and entertain with friends and family.

Six Open-Plan Renovation Tips

Dreaming of transforming your home into a spacious open and flowing haven? Packing the benefits of open-plan living – more light, space and better flow – into your renovation is possible with a little foresight and know-how. Consider these expert tips before you embark on your home renovation.

How Much Does A Home Renovation Cost?

If you’re struggling to set your renovation budget, you’re not alone. It becomes tricky because architects and builders often need to undertake a full design and costing first. This article sheds light on what typical renovations involve to help you estimate your renovation costs in just five minutes.

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