Six Open-Plan Renovation Tips

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Six Open-Plan Renovation Tips

Dreaming of transforming your home into a spacious open and flowing haven? Packing the benefits of open-plan living – more light, space and better flow – into your renovation is possible with a little foresight and know-how. Consider these expert tips before you embark on your home renovation.

Open Plan Living

1. Pull down walls to create one big open-plan room.

For older homes, knocking down walls can be just the trick to create a larger kitchen space, eliminate awkward rooms and build a flowing and open family zone.

But don't get too carried away and dream up big changes before consulting a building and design expert. They’ll be able to offer advice on just what alterations (wall removal) are structurally sound, how this could affect your home’s flow and what layouts you could create. For example, removing a wall to make an L-shaped zone will still achieve the spaciousness of an open-plan zone but also allow for defined spaces.


Open Plan Kitchen and Dining

2. Kitchen and dining spaces work best when connected.

You may be tempted to create an open-plan kitchen / living room zone but remember a kitchen and meals area will always blend more harmoniously, is best for practical reasons and often moreaesthetically-pleasing too. In an ideal word, all three would become one big flowing open-plan zone.



Open Plan Glass Doors

3. Use glass doors to your advantage.

Large glass doors to outside or even glass internal doors (French doors, glass-panelled doors) can bring a greater sense of flow and space to a room while still allowing you to close off large spaces.

Chat to your designer about how glass (bifold doors or a mix of glass windows and doors) can work in your favour to create a seamless look and flow from the indoors to outside too.


Open Plan Living repetitive Colours

4. Repetitive colours/textures will enhance overall flow.

Too many competing colours and/or textures will kill that open-plan flow you've worked so hard to create. Stick with a neutral wall colour and repeat accent colours/texture throughout the space to achieve consistency and establish a harmonious flow.


Open Plan Declutter

5. Declutter and plan your space before you begin.

Do plan where your furniture could go before you renovate – and before making big-item purchases! Planning your space will help avoid falling into the trap of creating awkward corners or cramping the flow of your open-plan living zone. Similarly, decluttering is a fast way to ensure that flow isn't jeopardised by having "too much stuff" taking up space and creating visual disharmony. The orientation of your furniture can make a big impact too. Consider maximising views by positioning your lounge suite towards your home’s best feature – the garden or pool views, an alfresco zone, your kitchen.



Open Plan Private Spaces

6. Do keep a mix of open and private spaces. 

Go ahead and combine two living areas into one big open-plan space, but remember private secluded spaces have an important role in your home too. Use these spaces to create retreat areas, such as a sitting room, sun room, study or library.


For advice on creating open-plan living spaces at your Melbourne home, phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or contact us

Open Plan LivingOpen Plan Living