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Melbourne Home Renovations: Choosing the right flooring for your home renovation

Floorboards versus tiles is a well deliberated choice for home owners embarking on a home renovation project.  And once you throw carpet into the mix, it’s easy to get confused about what to put where, and what type of flooring will be most practical for your lifestyle. Here’s a run-down of the pros and cons of each to help you get floor coverings sorted for your next Melbourne home-renovation project.

Floorboards: Lovers of floorboards like the warm and natural-look that wood flooring brings to their home renovation. If you’re set on floorboards, the real choice is where they will go in your house and your preferred wood type. Once relegated to living areas, floorboards are now a popular option in kitchens and look great in bedrooms too. 

home renovations flooring 1

- Natural timber gives a warm, homely, timeless and welcoming look.
- There are plenty of colour/stain and wood choices available 
- They’re allergy friendly 
- Floorboards will last for years and years, and even when weathered can still look beautiful if well looked after.


- Can be cold underfoot, especially in bedrooms.
- They require upkeep – Although not often, sanding and polishing is part in parcel of maintaining your floorboards.
- You will see wear and tear and marks and indents in the wood.
- Wood and water aren’t friends. You need to be careful about cleaning products used, and wary of spills or leaks that may affect the wood.
- Hardwood floorboards are not a cheap flooring option. A good hard wood throughout your house is expensive, although soft woods and floating floorboards are a cheaper option to get the wood look.

Tiles: Tiles can bring a touch of elegance to your home renovation and offer endless style options to choose from – think: gloss to matt finishes, an abundance of colourings and various size options too.

home renovations flooring 2

- Tiles are hard-wearing, sturdy and hard to scuff or mark.
- They offer endless colour/size/style options, so you’re bound to find a tile you love and that helps create the look you’re after: gloss and light colours offer a high-end modern look, light tiles can make spaces appear bigger, and various sizes and darker colours can create a dramatic impact in certain rooms or living/entrance areas too.
- Tiles are often a cheaper option than hardwood flooring

- Tiles are cold underfoot, especially in winter, making them unpopular as a bedroom floor covering in Melbourne homes.
- If you drop something glass/ceramic on your tiles, there’s little chance of it surviving the fall. But there’s a good chance your tiles will go unscathed.
- Extras required: If you do chip or damage a certain section of tiles after a couple years, they can be hard to replace as some tiles become discontinued after a few years, and matching with another tile can be tricky. If you decide on tiles, it’s a good idea to buy some extras of your chosen tile just in case.

Carpet: Soft underfoot and the preferred bedroom flooring, carpet offers plenty of colour and style and texture choices to suit your home-renovation needs.

home renovations flooring 3

- There are many style options from colour to fibre types and various textures.
- Carpet generally equals less noise compared with tiles or floorboards. The soft cushioning creates a quiet atmosphere, meaning you’ll hear less footsteps, and less items being dropped and dragged along the floor.
- Carpet is soft, comfortable and warm underfoot making it great in winter, especially in bedrooms.

- Wear and tear: Carpet isn’t the best in high-traffic or messy areas where it will wear down and show its age. Ideally, you don’t want carpet under your kitchen table or in any other areas where you (especially children) will be eating frequently.
- Cleaning: While all surfaces require regularly cleaning, you’ll want to be quick about cleaning spills or sticky messes off carpets to avoid leaving hard-to-remove stains.

The verdict:
Choosing the right flooring for your Melbourne home renovation is a personal choice, and as well as reflecting on the advantages and disadvantages of each option it’s a good idea to look at how you use your home and what’s the most practical floor covering for your family. But remember, you definitely don’t have to stick with one floor covering throughout your whole home renovation. Sticking to the one floor-covering type in large main areas will however create continuity and make the space appear larger, but mixing it up throughout the house might be what’s right for you. For example, many clients commonly opt for floorboards throughout the main living areas of their home renovation, but choose carpet for bedrooms due to the comfort and warmth it offers underfoot.

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Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. With more than a decade of home-renovation experience, Richard has helped thousands of Melbourne clients undertake property-wide home renovations to create a new, fresh and modern look.