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Home Renovations: Five ways to save money on your home renovations

Home renovations can mean big money but with smart preparation and expert advice up your sleeve, you can save on dollars and help your project run smoothly and on budget too. Here are five ways to keep costs down on your next home renovation.

1. Do your homework: Before you plunge into the thick of home renovating, do all your research so you know what you really want. This means looking at other renovations, speaking with friends/family/neighbours who have renovated about what worked and didn't work for them, and visiting display homes or homes for sale in your area that have recently been renovated for ideas that might work in your space. Make a list of what your space currently includes that you love, and what your newly renovated home would include. For kitchen and bathroom renovation and design ideas, you can enter your email address here to be sent The Makeover Group's free ebook download.

2. Hire a kitchen designer: The kitchen is almost always flagged as the top room for a home renovation makeover. In this high-traffic space, you'll want to make the design smart, practical and to your style too so it pays to get expert advice to get it right. A kitchen designer will help you select the materials that fit your budget, fixtures, appliances and design the cabinetry layout of your space too. Read more about how specialist advice can save money on your home kitchen renovation here.

3. Set a budget: Decide what your highest home renovation priorities are and be realistic about your budget from day one. Do your homework to see what your budget will allow you to create. This article will help you understand what a kitchen renovation budget can achieve. For bathroom renovations, see here.

4. Don't overcapitalise: As well as considering what you want from your home renovation, it's important to be mindful of what buyers want and what other new or renovated homes in your area are offering. Check out our handy tips on how to avoid over-capitalising on your home renovation here.

5. Expert advice: To create your ideal space and gain a better understanding of exactly what can and can't be done in your home renovation, expert advice is key. A Melbourne home renovation expert will offer you design ideas to tailor your renovation to your needs, style and for your practicality. They can also answer your questions on what can or can't be done at your home, and will discuss how to update your home to make the most of your space.

A Carlton couple had big plans for their home kitchen renovation, including making the space larger, a modern fit-out in neutral tones and altering the cabinetry layout. After doing their homework, they discovered having the best appliances and moving existing electrical and plumbing work to fit their ideal layout would mean a blown-out budget. They consulted The Makeover Group for advice on redesigning the existing kitchen within budget. With a few minor tweaks to the layout, a smarter design was created extending the existing bench space to include breakfast bar and redesigning the cabinetry for additional storage. The appliances were updated but transitioned into the new design so no extra electrical/plumping work was required.

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Richard Armstrong is Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He has more than a decade of home renovation experience. With his expert advice and design and build knowledge, hundreds of clients have created their dream homes.