Five Ways to Boost Natural Light in Your Home Renovation

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Five Ways to Boost Natural Light in Your Home Renovation

Coveted natural light works is magic in homes creating a brighter, more vibrant look and the illusion of more space. And while your home is bound to have some dark corners, maximising natural light is achievable with these handy expert hints. Consider how these five options could transform your home's natural light aspect when planning your next home renovation.

1. Opt for floor-to-ceiling windows.

Floor to ceiling windowsThis is a great option for large open-plan zones you frequent often. For entrance/exits to alfresco zones, consider floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors or bifold doors to blur the indoor/outline line, create a sense of flow and flood the room with natural light. 

This can also be a handy way to show off a great outdoor view, such as a pool, garden/patio, decked alfresco zone.


2. Add skylights where natural light is lacking.

White Walls


Skylights work wonders in rooms/living zones where natural light simply can't reach.

Think of them as the perfect remedy for windowless kitchens or bathrooms, in large open-plan spaces with minimal natural light or to cast light into long hallways.

Glass-panelled doors are another handy way to throw some extra light into dark rooms.


3. Use mirrors to reflect light around the room.

White Walls


You can't create extra natural light but you can maximise it with this clever decorating idea.

Add a large mirror as a feature to your living space (this also works in small rooms, such as bathrooms) to capture and reflect natural light around the room. 

4. Install shade blinds or Pergola

White WallsNo point covering those large windows up the minute the sun comes into full-force.

Installing a pergola or shade blinds means avoiding the heat and harsh summer sun while allowing soft natural light to filter into the room.


5. White is the winning wall colour.

White WallsTo maximise all that natural light, white or off-white wall colours (try this for your ceiling too) wins every time.

And that's because light colours reflect more light and help open up a space (a great idea for both open-plan and small/narrow rooms, such as a study or bathroom). 

You can extend this clever trick to your home décor and furnishings too.

Contact us for expert ideas and advice when planning your next Melbourne home renovation or extension.