Five tips for adding extra storage space to your home renovation

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Five tips for adding extra storage space to your home renovation

More storage space is on most Melbourne homeowners’ wish lists, so why not factor it into your next home renovation? Here's how to practically insert extra storage into your house.

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Kitchen: The place where you’ll want to make the most of your storage, take a good look at your kitchen space before home renovations begin, and notice any ways the layout and cabinetry fit-out could be improved. Adding an island bench, if your kitchen space allows, will create bench preparation space plus underbench storage. For cabinetry, be mindful of your chosen combination of drawers versus cupboards (drawers are often a more practical way to store items and minimise clutter too). Overhead cabinetry is another handy way to utilise wall space to your advanatage. Pull-out shelving can be built-into a narrow space, for example between a fridge and cabinetry, and is a great spot to store condiments. 

Bedrooms: Making the most of your wardrobe means built-in robes sectioned with shelving, hanging space and overhead storage too. You could also add floating shelving to walls to create feature storage space in your bedroom.

Laundry: How creative you can be with storage here will depend on how big your laundry is. Make the most of wall-space with a combination of overhead cabinetry and open shelving. Other storage ideas to consider during home renovations: wall-mounted drying racks, and wall mounts and hooks behind doors or to narrow spaces so larger items (such as ironing boards and clothes airers) can be stored upright and out of the way.

Bathrooms & ensuites: Again, the size of your space will dictate just how much storage you can create. Consider under-vanity cabinetry with shelving and/or cupboards, additional towel rails, floating shelving and recessed open shelving. A feature cabinet can make a focal point while acting as storage for your bathroom too.

Garage: Your garage is full of opportunities to add handy out-of-sight storage during home renovations. Floor-to-ceiling shelving and wall hooks and floating shelving to the sides of garages make great storage out of an otherwise unused space. Storage cabinets on wheels may be a more practical and flexible option for your garage.

A recent East Melbourne client undertaking a home bathroom and laundry renovation wanted to update both rooms keeping the bathroom modern and minimalist while adding more storage space for linen and towels. Recessed feature shelving with glass shelves was created on a unused wall in the bathroom and the new vanity included underbench storage, but the real extra space came in the new-look laundry – a pull-down clothes airer was installed to one wall, the dryer wall-mounted above the washing machine and overhead cabinetry installed above the trough. The bench space was extended to take over the space the dryer had occupied and laundry sorting drawers incorporated into the design. A narrow gap between the wall and washing machine became the perfect vertical hanging storage space for an ironing board.

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Richard Armstrong, Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group, has more than a decade of experience in home renovations, including build and design. He has helped thousands of Melbourne clients redesign their homes to create a practical and modern space perfect for their needs.