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Buying To Renovate: Get The Home You Love For Less

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Trying to find your ideal home can be hard work!

With growing property values in recent decades, it’s becoming more and more difficult for home buyers to affording your ideal home in your perfect location.

Often when you’re on the auction trail you have to visit open for inspections for months on end, attend auctions, have your heart broken by missing out on a favourite’, negotiate with the bank & real estate agents – all to settle on buying a property that needs a little work to make it your perfect home.

Getting this home in your ideal location can be a real challenge.

With this in mind, we’ve invited five experts to contribute to a free ebook Buying To Renovate: Get The Home You Love For Less.

It gives you an expert’s roadmap how to find, check out, finance, negotiate, purchase then renovate a home. The book shows you how to:

  • Afford your favourite suburb
  • Create your perfect home for your own unique lifestyle
  • Get off the open for inspection merry-go-round
  • Take control of where & how you live
  • Save $100,000’s when buying
  • Convert slim pickings from tightly held localities
  • Find, fund, purchase, design and renovate your perfect home at arm’s length

Most suburbs offer homes that need a little TLC to modernise the home or improve it’s functionality for the new owner.  If you’re prepared to consider these properties, buying a less popular home and renovating it will deliver your lifestyle and location for a much better price.

Contributing experts include: Tim Gaspar – Mortgage Expert, Jason Kuan Property Advocate, Andrew Boot Property Inspection Specialist, Anita Sweeney Renovation Designer and Richard Armstrong Renovation Expert

Download Buying To Renovate: Get The Home You Love For Less

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