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Home Renovation Articles

Melbourne Home Renovations – Finding the right fittings and finishings for your space

The fittings and finishings you choose for your Melbourne home-renovation project can change the whole aesthetic of your space. Here are some tips and ideas to help you create a look you will love.

Five ideas for finding home renovation inspiration

Inspired to renovate your Melbourne home but lost for new and stylish ideas? Before you begin home renovations, check out these resources and ideas to help you find on-trend inspiration to bring your home-renovation project to life.

An energy-efficient home renovation: Handy ideas to minimise your household's energy output

Maximising your Melbourne home’s energy efficiency will be a big plus for the environment and save you money too. This article outlines some handy ideas you can easily implement while renovating to reduce your home’s energy output .

Home Renovations: Five ways to save money on your home renovations

Home renovation savings are usually made through good preparation. Before getting started, check out the five tips in this article to ensure you've got the knowledge, advice and background information to create a dream space with your home renovation.

Five ideas to give your home renovation street presence

Making your property look easy on the eye is about updating your facade and creating a front garden to impress. This article outlines five key ways to add to your property’s street appeal during home renovations.

Five tips for adding extra storage space to your home renovation

When you’re amid home renovations it's often the perfect time to turn your storage dilemmas around. Here you'll discover some practical ways to make storage space a priority in your newly renovated home.

Home Kitchen Renovations: Five ways to create a new-look kitchen renovation

To create a wow-factor kitchen renovation, first consider all the elements that come together to make it a standout space. In this article, you’ll discover five renovation ideas to give your kitchen a brand-new look.

Buying a Melbourne Home to Renovate? Reduce stress and save time and cost with early access.

Negotiating early access is an easy way to get your Melbourne home renovations off to a headstart. This article outlines how a licence agreement can save you time and money, and could mean that on settlement day you’re moving into your newly renovated Melbourne home.

How to get the Melbourne home renovation you want at a lower cost

If you can’t find a property that ticks all the boxes, purchasing a renovator’s delight that’s ideal for a home renovation is the next best thing. Here’s how you can find the perfect Melbourne property to renovate to your style, and save you money at the same time.

Melbourne Home Renovations That Increase Your Property’s Value

Home renovations can be just as much about improving your lifestyle as increasing your property’s value. This article explores the home renovation hotspots that boost your Melbourne home’s value.

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