5 Top Tips For Choosing Your Home’s Colours

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5 Top Tips For Choosing Your Home’s Colours

Even a quick glance at seemingly endless paint colour options can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And that’s when colours for flooring, cabinetry, benchtops and furnishings haven’t even entered the equation! Checkout these five top tips to guide you in making colour selections for your home renovation.

1. Natural lighting changes everything.

renovation with natural light

If your home is a haven for natural light, then you have a much larger colour palette to work with. Good natural lighting also brings the benefits of a brighter and bigger looking space, and less reliance on artificial lighting throughout the day. In contrast, poor lighting teamed with dark colours will only close in your space. There’s always the option of renovating to maximise natural lighting. Chat to your building designer about how you could create this at your Melbourne home.

2. What’s your room’s hero piece?

renovation with focal point

Before making your colour selections, take note of the hero piece in every room. Work with each, choosing complimentary colours and being careful not to create too many heroes in any given room. In your living/meals zone, the hero will most likely be your kitchen. In a lounge room or family room, this could be a couch or artwork.

3. White and off-white wall colours are your best bet.

renovation with white walls
It’s a good idea to stick with light-coloured walls, and it’s not just because white / off-white seems an easy choice. The benefit of these hues is they go with almost anything and make the perfect blank canvas for redesigning your home. While on trend are off-white tones, the variation here is huge: from a soft grey to a soft cream or pure white. Your designer will take a variety of factors into account to advise the best colours at your place.

Hint: Choose a neutral off-white wall paint and let your furnishings and accessories be the colour in your home. The benefits? Off-white is a great backdrop, allowing you to let your style personality shine via your chosen furnishings and accessories. Mix and match colours and patterns seasonally via your home décor and easily adapt this for new trends too.

4. Add colour via wallpaper.

renovation with focal point
Long gone are painted feature walls, but in vogue is wallpaper – a great way to splash some lively colour or pattern into your home. The trick here is to not get carried away. Use wallpaper as an accent only – not for the whole room. Perfect is in a hallway or to inject personality to a bedroom wall or as a one-wall feature in your living room.

5. Use timber to warm up a space.

renovation with timber
The warm colourings of timber will warm up any space, whether it be dark or light hues in floorboards, timber-look cabinetry or a large wooden dining table. Often a winner in bathrooms, consider a timber veneer vanity to add a touch of warmth if your space is looking too light or sterile.

For advice and ideas on renovating your Melbourne home, phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or see www.themakeovergroup.com.au