5 Renovation Stressors & How To Manage Them

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5 Renovation Stressors & How To Manage Them

Home renovations, when done badly, can be a highly stressful experience. When you’re spending significant amounts of money to renovate your ‘nest’, it can become an emotionally charged experience.  So, here are a few tips to ensure your home renovation runs smoothly.


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1. Staying on Top of Budget

You often hear of home renovation budgets blowing out, so you can reduce this risk by:

  1. Ensuring your home renovation company is including ALL services. Some exclude design, permits, appliances or even painting. If they aren’t delivering a complete renovation service, you’ll be expected to take up the slack so you need to know exactly what that involves.
  2. Discussing with your renovator what the key risks for the project are. Issues such as large rocks underground, poor condition of existing subfloor or the presence of asbestos can all create surprises. Whilst your renovator won’t be able to definitively confirm these, they can at least nominate them as risks beforehand so you’re forewarned.
  3. Minimising variations after the work commences. The more changes you make to scope and selections throughout the build, the greater the cost increases.
  4. Check out this renovation costs calculator


2. Maintaining Your Lifestyle

If you’re undertaking a bathroom renovation (and you have a second bathroom) you might be able to live in the property whilst the renovation is taking place. So, it’s important to segregate the work space from the family. Construction dust ‘travels’ so it’s good idea to screen off the two spaces – completely. Keep in mind you’ll need to vacuum every day

Storage – hire a storage company to collect all the belongings you really won’t need during your hoe renovation. De-cluttering is really important to maintain your sanity.

Move out – the best way to maintain your lifestyle is to move out while the property’s being renovated. This is especially true if you’re undertaking an extension, kitchen renovation or having the floors updated.


Renovation Timeframes

3. Sticking to Timeframes

If you’re paying rent in another property during the home renovation, the last thing you want is a time blowout.

The best way to manage this is ensure your renovator uses purpose built construction software that allows them to control the project.

You should also consider any risks they can think of that might cause delays.


Renovation tradesman

4. Approachable Project Team

There’s nothing fun about having an onsite team that just seem to grunt at you when you tour the project with them.

To manage this, ask to meet the project manager before the works begin. Make sure they’re communicative and that you’d feel comfortable raising any issues with them.

Check they have a communications system to run their projects that allows you to have constant access to progress reports, issues management, variations and budget reports. If you have this information on hand, you’re empowered to address any problems early in the piece.



5. Ensure You Get What You Expected

Finalise designs, selections, work methods, schedules, permits, etc before works commence. This is the best way to ensure everyone’s agreed on what the outcome will be and how you’re going to get there.

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