5 Expert Renovation Tips To Create Your Zen Space

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5 Expert Renovation Tips To Create Your Zen Space

Creating spaces in your home that deliver respite and tranquillity can dramatically improve the way you feel.

Mindfulness, yoga, Pilates, stretching, even simply taking a long hot bath, are all proven to re-charge your batteries and get some balance back in your life.

These 5 Expert Tips To Create Your Zen Space will help you create a lifestyle that’s energised, enjoyable and wholesome – all before you walk out the front door!

1. Relaxing Water – Enjoy the Benefit

Water’s long had a calming influence on the human psyche. Whilst not all of us are lucky enough to live next to a freshwater stream or ocean, there are many options to bring water into a zen space.

Installing a gentle water feature in your zen space eases away the stresses.

Zen Bathroom

Also, create a bathroom where you can enjoy a long hot bath with a natural, earthy view through the window.

2. Soothing Natural Light to Re-Charge

It’s all about nature when it comes to lighting. Try to capture as much natural light as possible. If it’s dappled green light from surrounding foliage that’s even better.

Zen yoga renovation

If the view from your zen room isn’t so inspiring, try some light drapes to create filtered light.

If your proposed zen space doesn’t have any natural light, use warm glow lights on a dimmer switch plus candle burners – perhaps even with some relaxing scents.

3. Earthy Colours and Tones

Zen yoga renovation

Warm timbers, rocks and sand stone, plus muted, warmer tones all deliver a visual sense of nature’s gifts.

If you’re going to paint, keep it healthy, use low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints to reduce fumes and maintain a positive vibe.

4. Uncluttered Space To Unclutter Your Mind

It’s important your zen space gives you room to ‘just be’.

Clear out the clutter. It’s not a junk room - it’s your zen room! Old books, clothes, CD’s, furniture, musical instruments, etc have gotta go!

5. Outdoor Zen Spaces

Sometimes mother nature delivers the perfect space. Although, often the city, she needs a bit of help.

outdoor Zen renovation

Create your own relaxing outdoor space with timber deck, lush foliage and a water feature. Your inspired space doesn’t have to be large – and certainly not high maintenance.


RichardAuthor, Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. With more than a decade of home-renovation/extension experience, Richard has helped hundreds of Melbourne clients undertake renovations to their inner metro homes. Contact us