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Extension and Renovation Design

What makes our extension/renovation design service different?

1. You'll Save Your Time Without The Hassles

Our full suite of renovation services includes renovation design, council permits, project management and construction. Your entire renovation is managed for you using our unique project management system so you can enjoy total project transparency (and control) - end-to-end.

2. Beautiful Renovation Design Based Around You & Your Lifestyle

Our real world renovation design services start by marrying a vision with how you want your life to work. We then develop beautiful design solutions WITH you. Download 101 Kitchen & Bathroom Designs

3. Avoid Renovation Costs Blowouts

Our designers respect your renovation budget. Your concepts are market tested with our registered builders from the very beginning of our design and renovation process, so you won’t get budget blowout when you start your renovation. You can also try our Renovation Cost Calculator

4. Online Transparency & Schedules.

Right from the beginning, you can see real-time selections, choices, discussions, real-time budgets, variations, photos/videos from anywhere in the world. No surprises! Your home renovation design and build is managed via our online project management system. You can even download our app for your smart phone or tablet.

5. We're Inner Metro Renovation Specialists.

We appreciate you don’t want to trust your renovation to a generalist. We understand the requirements of inner-metro renovations and, importantly, your local council. Before & afters

6. You Avoid Disputes and ‘Disconnects’ During The Project.

By engaging an all-in-one renovation service, you have one entity your whole renovation. Accountable, responsible, professional. You overcome the issues of the old-school model where the architect hands over your renovation designs with no genuine accountability for the construction phase (and it’s costs). See our design and renovation process.

7. Most of Our Clients Are Just Like You

Professional, educated, time poor and seeking to avoid any grief that can come with home renovations. Importantly we understand your requirements and have the online project systems and people to deliver your project.Read Our Testimonials

Our renovation and Extension Process

Kitchen Designs

Our renovation designers will also help you develop your new kitchen. We offer various Kitchen Layouts and design ideas to create a stunning heart for your home.

If you're looking for a little kitchen design inspiration,  download 101 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas