Choose from Our 300 Builders for Your Home Renovation

Choose from Our 300 Builders for Your Home Renovation

If you’re looking for a builder for your project, you probably have loads of questions about how to go about it. After all, it’s not every day you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home renovation or extension.

To provide a working model, employing a builder is a little like hiring a new employee.

You need:

  • A large pool of qualified applicants to ensure your final selection is the best the market has to offer
  • To ensure they have the experience, registrations, qualifications to do your project
  • Have a key selection criteria to dis-qualify those who aren’t suited for your project
  • Use a recruitment process that’s tried and proven for finding the best candidates
  • Have support of subject matter experts who can ask the right questions to ensure your final shortlist is made up of the best candidates
  • Check they can meet your timelines and start dates.
  • Check their past engagements, clients and stakeholders –  your due diligence

Understandably, you may need expert advice and guidance during the selection process.

Coupled with a database of 300 builders, this expertise will save you loads of time and effort.

Rather than spending weeks of your valuable time searching online for builders, a brief description of your project is provided to the database as a request for tender (RFT).

This means your project is promoted to hundreds of Melbourne builders (rather than the handful you might find yourself) who are registered to undertake your project.

As part of your brief project description, you can also include your preferred time frames and budget.

This means those who respond have already self-qualified for your project and you avoid time wasters.

From there we go through series of quality checks and due diligence to shortlist your candidates to the best the market has to offer. We can even oversee your project on your behalf.

If you’d like support finding the best builders for your home renovation, contact us.