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101 Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Designs, Ideas & Tips

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An L-Z guide to better bathroom ideas and renovation designs

An L-Z guide to better bathroom ideas and renovation designs

Lighting. More than ever bathroom lighting design is crucial to creating functional, beautiful and enjoyable bathrooms. Direct task lighting for make-up and grooming, soft indirect lighting for bathing and general lighting for cleaning. A little thought around lighting will make a huge difference in the way your bathroom feels.

Membrane. Yes waterproofing membranes. REALLY, REALLY boring but REALLY, REALLY important. In fact, waterproofing accounts for more warranty claims than any other defect in bathroom renovations. If you’re having a wet area renovated make sure to ask about how the builder will go about it.

No! The word you use when someone tries to interrupt your precious bathing time.

Over bath. That is, shower over bath. This is a great way to deliver more functionality to your bathroom design that will always add versatility (and value) to your bathroom.

P is for price. It’s your say in how much you spend on your bathroom renovation. If you have your bathroom designed (professionally) to that budget then you’ll get the bathroom you want without the budget blowouts.

Quality usually costs. Be wary of prices that are too good to be true. If you want a quality job that will last spend the money on a professional design and build. Compare prices and what you’ll get for your money because rectifying bathroom problems is far more expensive than doing it right first time.

Relax. Lock the door, run the bath, add some essential oils, put on your favourite track (or movie) and dim the lights….perfect. Or, in bathroom design speak, update the door furniture, install a free standing bath, design cabinetry for storage and an entertainment system (HDMI) and re-configure the lighting.

Space. Creating visual space for your bathroom design sometimes requires a bit of forethought and planning. Clean lines with light, consistent colours all add to the visual space in your bathroom – no matter how big it is.

T has to be for tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, natural stone. Each come with their own cost and laying budget (in ascending order). Naturally, the more surfaces in a bathroom with tiles, the greater the budget. Make sure you have a surplus of them in case of any damage/wear and tear.

Underlay. That’s the compressed concrete sheeting that tour tiles are glued to. This should always be used over timber floors to avoid movement.

Vanities. Take your pick; wall mounted, free standing stone benchtops, recessed basin, custom design (more expensive), off the shelf (less expensive). What will work in your bathroom design?

Warranty. All work undertaken should come with a warranty. How will it be backed up? Is the builder registered and insured? In order to undertake the work, they need to show you their registration and insurance details.

X is for Xray which is what you’ll need if you slip on high gloss tiles when you get out of the shower or bath. Try to choose a tile that isn’t too polished for your floor in your bathroom renovation.

Yikes! Cover up pleeeease grandpa.


Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He possesses over a decade of bathroom design and bathroom renovation experience plus post graduate property qualifications. Educated in interior design, he is also a registered building practitioner who has assisted hundreds of Melbourne clients redesign and update their kitchens and bathrooms.