7 Small Bathroom Ideas to Create Space

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7 Small Bathroom Ideas to Create Space

Many inner metro home and apartments have small bathroom spaces that can feel small or be designed in a way that reduces their function.

Typically, clients want to increase space, create more light and improve storage in their bathrooms. So, this article looks at some of the tips and tricks you can use to optimise your small bathroom renovation.

Tip 1. Windows & Natural Light

Bathroom garden window

Employing a large window to let the outside garden in does more than create a beautiful bathroom feature, it drawers the eye through to the garden as a focal point.

It gives the impression of a single space - both indoors and outdoors - to dramatically increase the visual space in the room.

A large (private) garden window also delivers respite from the outside world for those who want a tranquil retreat where they can enjoy some precious solitude.


Tip 2. White – consistency

White Bathroom

Reducing visual punctuation in a room gives it a great sense of space. That is, if you run with common, light colours throughout the space will feel larger.

If you have a small bathroom, avoid the temptation of including too many different surfaces and colours. Keeping it simple will create more space.

The bathroom here has loads packed into it - including a spa - but its colour scheme minimises the busy-ness of the space making it fell larger and less hectic. Free download 101 Kitchen & Bathroom Design Ideas


Tip 3. Frameless, walk-in shower with gradient

Bathroom Frameless

Gone are the heavy aluminium frames around showers where you used to have to step through an open door over the raised shower hob.

Historically, few shower screens are actually attractive but they play a practical role in reducing splash and keeping water away from fittings, finishes and appliances that need to stay dry.

So frameless, walk-in showers with a small gradient make for easier shower use, less visual clutter and fewer trip hazards in a wet area. They also cater to home owners who want to stay in their home longer in future years. See this case study.


Tip 4. Mirror

Bathroom Mirror

Similar to the large window, a large mirror doubles the visual space in your bathroom.

No matter how big or small a bathroom, a large mirror adds loads of visual space for very little cost.

This bathroom cleverly incorporates storage into the mirrors as a shaving cabinet.

Additionally, the simple colour scheme creates space.




Tip 5. Light

Bathroom Lighting

Encouraging warm, crisp light into the room will further increase the sense of space.

Be it through a window, a skylight or your chosen lighting system, a little forethought into your lighting plan will deliver real impact on your final bathroom design.

Even though this bathroom has various colours and textures usd throughout, the lighting enhances the space and opens it up.



Tip 6. Cabinetry – no detail and off the floor

Bathroom Cabinetry


Similar to the comment above about visual punctuation, removing cabinetry door/drawer details will reduce visual clutter in your bathroom.

Also, wall-hung vanities optimise the floor space to further open your bathroom.

This design packs so much in for the bathroom's size, yet it doesn't appear clutterd or difficult to use.




Tip 7. Tiles & layout

Bathroom Tiles

The size and layout of your tiles can also enhance the visual dimensions of the room.

For example, running rectangular tiles lengthways in the direction that you want to feel larger will create space.





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About the Author

Richard Armstrong

A specialist in adding value to your home through renovation, Richard Armstrong has undertaken innovative post graduate property research. Over the last decade, he has helped hundreds of inner metro Melbourne clients undertake renovations to update their homes and create a new, fresh and modern look – all while growing the value of their property. Educated in interior design, he is also a Registered Building Practitioner (DBL 37456).