7 Clever Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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7 Clever Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Don’t fall into the trap of renovating your small bathroom to be a newer version of what you had before. Insert a few of these clever design ideas and you’ll create a new look that maximises storage, makes your space look bigger and oozes modern flair.

1. Look for storage solutions.

Bathroom renovation no bathtub


When it comes to small bathrooms, think hidden storage. Keeping high-use items on display via wall shelving, or an open-shelf cabinet, will only add clutter to your room and close up the space. To compensate, consider a recessed mirrored shaving cabinet (storage behind the mirror) and add a recessed shower cavity (so you can do away with a shower caddy). For your vanity, ditch any open shelving and replace with drawers.

2. Stick to neutral and light tones.

Bathroom renovation light colours


White, cream and grey might sound boring, but experts agree light colours work best in small spaces. Why? Because light colours make for an airier, brighter-looking space and reflect more light (essential in small bathrooms). Plus, light colours give the illusion of more space (dark colours close in a small space). And if it’s natural light your space is lacking, then an all-white combination (walls, tiles and vanity) can work wonders to capture light. Ask our bathroom designers how this could work in your small bathroom.

3. Choose large tiles for your small space.

Bathroom renovation large tiles


Don’t make the mistake of thinking small space equals small tiles, because that’s definitely not the case. In contrast, large tiles (for floors and walls) pack a punch in small spaces. Their bigger size gives the illusion of space and creates a modern seamless look (less grout lines to create visual interruption).

4. Consider a wall-hung vanity.

Bathroom renovation wall hung vanity


It’s at the expense of some storage space, but installing a floating (wall hung) vanity can be a winner in small bathrooms. That open airy space underneath the vanity (revealing tiles to the wall) creates the illusion of a bigger space.

5. Reduce clutter + minimal decorating.

Bathroom renovation reduced clutter


Your small bathroom will look bigger if clutter is kept to a minimum and you opt for streamlined no-fuss decorating (think one-colour, co-ordinated items and nothing too big/bold or overpowering on show in your small space).

6. Say goodbye to your bathtub.

Bathroom renovation no bathtub

If your bathtub isn’t a necessity, then bidding it goodbye is an easy way to capitalise on that precious floorspace. However, if a tub is not negotiable look for a compact design to do the trick – perhaps a smaller yet deeper soaking version or a space-saving corner bath will work for your small bathroom layout.


7. Change your door from opening to sliding.

Placement of doors (making sure they have enough clearance) can be tricky in small bathrooms. You can avoid this problem for your entrance door by installing a sliding door – a great space-saving solution for small bathrooms.

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For more ideas and inspiration for your Melbourne home’s small bathroom, phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or see www.themakeovergroup.com.au