7 bathroom lighting tips

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7 bathroom lighting tips

You’ll want to get your bathroom lighting just right from day dot, after all it’s where you begin and end your day. Whether this means renovating to allow extra sunlight to enter the room or applying task lighting for the daily essential bathroom activities of shaving, applying make-up and styling hair, there’s always a way to transform your space from dim and dull to bright and light. Check out these expert tips for a light-filled bathroom renovation.

1. Natural light is always best.

 Natural light in Bathroom

Nothing beats natural lighting – it creates a lighter brighter haven out of your bathroom, makes it easier to see and will deliver the ideal conditions for applying make-up too. For those redesigning their bathroom, a large window (potentially floor-to-ceiling) to bring in loads of natural light is essential. And if you’re worried about privacy, then frosted glass or plantation-style shutters are always an option for your space. See 101 Kitchen & Bathroom Design Ideas



2. Add a skylight for extra natural light.

Skylight in Bathroom

If lighting in your bathroom is less than ideal and there’s no room to increase your window size, consider remedying it with a skylight. As well as bringing more natural light into your space, skylights are an energy-efficient option too.



3. Indirect lighting creates ambience

 Indirect light in Bathroom

If you're looking for that soft-glow retreat, consider using indirect lighting to make your bathroom space more dreamy. Wall lights or under benck LED's used under your vanity or under your shaving cabinet will dramatically enhance your bathing space. Add in wi-fi and a glass of wine and you're away! See 101 Kitchen & Bathroom Design Ideas

4. Use downlights to your advantage.

Down light in Bathroom

The ideal location? To place downlights between the mirror and where you stand in the bathroom – this way they’ll light up your face.

5. Add extra lighting around your vanity.

Expert in Bathroom

To throw extra lighting where you’ll be needing it most, add lighting either side of the vanity/mirror with a frosted diffuser. This will help cast an even light over the face. Another option is a mirror with lights built into the side. See 101 Kitchen & Bathroom Design Ideas

6. Research general bathroom lighting options.

Research in Bathroom

To find the right lighting for your bathroom, do a little homework to discover which of the many options could work in your space: from wall lighting to downlights, flush mounts or a combined bathroom light/heater and fan. And while all serve a practical and functional purpose, also increasingly popular (and a way to show your unique flair) is to add feature lighting – perhaps a pendant or chandelier?

7. Consult a lighting expert

Expert in Bathroom

Before you purchase, it’s always a great idea to seek expert advice on the ideal light fittings for your space. Your lighting specialist can help you define the perfect location for your lights as well as advise on the style of fittings and the type/amount of light each will emit.

For advice and design ideas on renovating your Melbourne home’s bathrooms, phone The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 or contact us