7 Bathroom Heating Ideas

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7 Bathroom Heating Ideas

If you dread going to the bathroom in winter, read on! No more cold feet, no more shivers, no more sprinting out of the shower to get to the heater. We show you 7 ideas to heat your bathroom.

1. Heating Lamps


Bathroom heating idea 1 

Delivering instant heat from above, heat lamps are a fast and relatively inexpensive way to heat your bathroom. Easily installed either during or after a renovation, heat lamps are best known in brands such as the IXLNeo. This, and various other brands, deliver the benefit of heating, light and fan extraction from your bathroom.

2. Heated Towel Rails (Electric & Hydronic)

Bathroom heating idea 2 

Towel rails provide the dual benefit of drying/heating your towels and taking the chill off the air in your bathroom.

They are available as electric (plug in or hard wired by an electrician) or as part of a hydronic heating system that can also heat the rest of your home.

You will find electric towel heaters are a little more versatile as you can use them throughout the year.


3. Wall heat bank (Electric)

Bathroom heating idea 3

Electric wall heat banks (such as Nobo) are an economical way to heat your bathroom. You simply fix them to the wall and plug them into a power point.

Many of these systems (various brands) offer timers, pre-set conditions, thermostats, etc to ensure you only heat the room at times when you need it.


4. Wall heat bank (Hydronic)

Bathroom heating idea 4

Again, a set and forget system that needs to be planned during the design stage of your renovation. Just like the hydronic towel rail, this system is heated from a central boiler that heats your entire home.

5. Under floor heating

Bathroom heating idea 5

If you like to enjoy toasty toes in the bathroom, underfloor heating is the most unobtrusive heating system. Not only do your feet stay warm but the heat from your tiles permeates the room delivering real comfort.

You can pre-program heating times, choose an eco-setting, engage holiday mode – all as you need to.

6. Radiant

Bathroom heating idea 6

Many of us grew up in a home with this old style system. I believe there are better systems available nowadays, such as:

7. Convection Heater (with remote)

Bathroom heating idea 7

This Heller unit shows how you can heat your bathroom with a convection heater, without taking up valuable floor space.

There are many brands available but look for a unit that’s wall mounted, stylish to look at, has a remote control and offers timing or pre-programmed features.


If you’d like to find out more about heating for your bathroom renovation, contact us.


Richard ArmstrongAuthor, Richard Armstrong is a director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. With more than a decade of home-renovation experience, Richard has helped hundreds of Melbourne clients modernise their homes to create spaces that better suit their lifestyle.